27 November 2007

Time Warp in the Kitchen

Well today i traveled through unchartered territory because i tasted black truffle oil for the first time in my life. i was making this labor-intensive sundried tomato and cremini mushroom risotto, stirring that glorified rice around for 40 minutes non-stop, and at the end, i added a few dabs of truffle oil, and it was so rich and dark and earthy. i pretty much experienced time warp instantaneously.

24 November 2007

Like a Tourist

We walked around UV a little bit, drove to state street in the loop, looked at the Marshall Fields window displays, bought some stuff* at old navy, and then we walked to the Daley Plaza and looked at the giant Chicago x-mas tree. sometimes when you look at your city like a tourist, remembering to take pictures of your life, you experience the amnesia of beauty all over again, and it feels like you're seeing your own world from the outside again. if you wait long enough before you do this, you don't have to pretend, you really are seeing it from the outside.

22 November 2007

Ah Yes, Causa, So We Meet at Last. . .

For my first Peruvian Thanksgiving, I went to Erika's mum's apartment with my brother--que se portaba tan extraño, pero eso es otro asunto del todo--and I finally got my first mouthful of causa, the almost legendary comida peruana that I wrote about last time, and that Erika has talked about with such admiration. And the verdict is. . .

Well, the first bite was a bit strange: it had something to do with the thick top layer of mayonnaise that was coating the papas, the huevos and the tunafish. But I have to say that it tasted really good.

Here are some other standouts for my first holiday that Flower and I made:

1. Vegan meatloaf, which honestly tasted more like stuffing than meat soufflé, but I'm cool with that. I love stuffing.
2. Vegan wheat buns. Simple, soft, slightly sweet, tasty.
3. Vegan chocolate pumpkin pie with homemade crust--first pie crust I've ever made from scratch before.

My brother also made a tasty but oddly spicy puréed vegetable soup that was fresh and filling in all the right ways.

I enjoyed seeing Luis and my brother exchange spiritual warrior manifestos, and the laughter in the Borbor family was healing. I especially liked watching Erika do the flower dance--that's the way flowers would dance if flowers could actually dance.

18 November 2007

Another :: Entry

ND beating duke today: thank god. for one game at least, you looked like the team i know and love.

Nascar: when did you become a sport?

Fulbright & macdowell colony: fuck nancy regan, just say yes!

Other voices: i feel like we're breaking up cuz you don't call or write, and you aren't telling me what's on your mind.

Journals that don't even both to send rejection emails: as the brits say, piss off wankers! translated: you don't deserve my shit, bitch!

My nascent baby mo: don't get comfortable.

Rachel Avon: charming and fabulous to see you after 15 years. my how you have evolved!

Skin: please cooperate. just cuz i'm running doesn't mean you have to rebel.

Water: where are you going once i swallow you?

Simon & schuster, bdg & mcsweeney's: this is lame autosuggestion, but you really wanna give this kid a chance. he'll write his ass off for you.

Bee: how's the deep south?

State of illinois: where's my voter registration card i sent you a month ago?

España: erika's getting jealous cuz you're always on my mind.

This near-vegan diet of mine: you are making me feel so goddamn good.

M2: tomorrow, we shall hit the thai connection! can't wait to kick it with you.

Wick: you deserve those new hiking boots.

Chris schwartz: love you brother.

Portishead: what happened to you? there's no fix for "glorybox"

Knowing what it is that you love in your life, and even better, learning how to do it justice: amazing.

My body: you are so much stronger than i thought you were. i underestimated you.

Zoe in a norwegian sweater: god you're fucking cute.

Life: t'es si bien equilibrée à présent.

Fruit: you are my drug of choice.

New yorker: i'm aging over here.

Jackson bliss: so far this year has been awesome, but don't forget the vibration of your name

Blessings: work hard so that you always feel like you deserve them.

14 November 2007

I'm Random, So Deal with It

Sometimes i can be so random. i was just about to shave and take a shower, and then, the next thing i know, i'm composing a cover letter to the book submissions editor at mcsweeney's and writing this blog in my boxer shorts. what is going on with my mind?

11 November 2007

Lessons in Peruvian Spanish at a Puerto Rican Restaurant

I went out for Puerto Rican food with Erika and her family tonight. As flower and I ate veggie jabaritos (basically, a tostone sandwich with lettuce and peppers that kept shooting onto the plate), and arroz con gandules that was delicious, I learned some new Peruanismos:

1. If you are close with someone you can say Eres mi causa. Causa is a Peruvian potato salad with tuna fish. Evidently they love their causas so much that calling someone this dish is the equivalent to saying "we tight bitch," but maybe something is lost in translation. I dunno.

2. Flower has a cousin that her family calls "El Mexicano" cuz he says orale as a space filler instead of pues or bueno. Evidently this is really popular in México. Oh, the other reason he's called the mexican is cuz he wears that whole mexican cowboy outfit thing.

3. Pendejo, the Spanish word for asshole or fucker in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, in Peru means two very different things:

One: a smart person
Two, and perhaps related to the first definition: pubic hair

08 November 2007

Marriage Visas Are the Way to Go

After doing some research it looks like my options for getting a Spanish Work permit will ultimately depend on my ability to obtain Spanish citizenship. Breaking it down it looks like this:

1. Live in Spain for ten fucking years and then apply for naturalization. As if, man.
2. Encourage Erika to get her Peruvian citizenship, which will allow her to become a Spanish citizen in just two years since all former Spanish colonies in Central and South America, with the exception of Brazil, are entitled to an abridged Spanish naturalization in this time frame.
3. Marry an española, which would take one year of residency.
4. The long-shot: Erika's mum married a German national to help him with his American naturalization, so it's possible--very unlikely, but still, possible--that she could become a German citizen even though they have since then divorced. Once that happened, Erika could become a German citizen, and once we got married, I could too.

But, you know, Ich spreche nicht Deutsch. . . so it would be really strange to imagine both of us carrying German passports when we can't speak a word of German and we've never lived in Germany before.

Ultimately, unless I wanna wait for an entire decade, I will still have to marry Erika. But that's fine, I've been planning on that since the beginning.

06 November 2007

We Built This City on Rock'n'Roll

I started this blog today for a few reasons:

1. To show my intention to you and the universe to move to Argentina next year, even though I know that sounds unbelievably cheesy and new-agey.
2. To document my move from the USA to Buenos Aires!
3. As a travel blog.
4. As a way to share my new life with my old friends.
5. To touch, infuriate, delight and communicate.

There will probably be big gaps in my postings for the next six months, but as I get closer to leaving, I will write more and more, so please stay tuned. But to keep things interesting for you I will be including my upcoming trips to:

Solana Beach
Bolivia or possibly Chile

Talk to you Soon.

Peace, Blessings,

--Jackson Bliss