14 January 2008

Life on Armitage + Sheffield

Ever since i was a vain teenager, i have been in love with, and alternatively repulsed by, this part of lincoln park. equal parts urbane à la new york, with the brown line el rumbling in the background, refurbished banks and doggie boutiques and equal parts hopelessly midwestern with zitty college girls in victoria's secret sweatpants and uggs, and waves of men in khakis and polo shirts, armitage avenue and sheffield is the perfect intersection of my past conceits, my adolescent mythology and fascination, my adult dread and comfort of this place that inhabits not just a part of but also a geography inside my past.

Maybe it was stopping my g-star and kiel's first, maybe it's the slow recognition that erika and i slowly preparing for our move to europe, which scares the shit out of me and excites me. but there's something about being here right now, at the crossroads of my first years in chicago and my adult exile into another continent, my speculation of these streets and my tangible evolution into an emerging artist, there's something about the simplicity of being here right now that grounds me, both the stories that i keep revising about my life and about the space i live in, but also the uninhabited world i want to explore so badly and the places that never really existed except inside my mind.

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