04 January 2008

Surf v. Snow 2

Socal was brilliant. . . until it got all dark back in chicago.

Here is the rest of my phototeca for Solana Beach, San Diego, Encinitas and brighter-than-sunshine socal. ¡buen provecho!

A little tofu scrabble at KI's in cardiff-by-the-sea

Walking on the beach again

The foam creeps up on you

If h20 had a profile

If poets stopped writing, they could find all their lost words here

Is there such a thing as the present continuous subjunctive?

Lips warmer than air

Making love in the sand

My beautiful mom on new year's day

*We interrupt this beautiful linear photographic narrative for give you a flashback back to Chicago (2 weeks weeks ago) + then we'll return for 4 more days from this beach scene*

Little bug standing in front of marshall field's

Little did she know that i was JUST about to buy her a new chin

At the Daley Plaza

Yo look, it's jackson!

Ice-skating at millenium park, about to fall on our asses

Brian, Katie, j2b & Suzie

Inside the water tower: shopping for x-mas presents

I luv the way ana's head looks like it's coming OUT of the tree

god i luv that pooch

*Now, back to our regularly scheduled program of the socal narrative*

Ah yes, so glad to be back in sunny California

In my mind: surfers waiting for the next stanza

You are like liquid glass
You are like a broken mirrors melting in the sun
You are like apples bobbing in a halloween tub
You are like words floating up to the surface of sound

A little artwork at a solana beach, uh, beach

Picture from a swing 1

Picture from a swing 2

Picture from a swing 3

Portrait of sunflowers at horton plaza

Split worlds

When color is a mall

Little bug and i, waiting for the coaster. oh wait, it's already here.

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