26 February 2008

Last Day In Lima

Lima, Peru :: Pueblo Libre

Last day in Lima. Sad times. Erika and I woke up around 9ish, which is late for us, ate some breakfast, walked to the supermercado so I could buy some café for Mom & Pops. Afterwards we walked back where I realized how badly I got burned the day before even though the sun was weak and I was only exposed for 10 minutes maybe. Crazy. I guess the moral of the story in Peru is: wear sunblock or get your ass kicked.

For a late lunch we were served pollo AGAIN by Tía Irma, along with a pretty veggie soufflé, mangos, baby bananas, membrio juice. For the last time, I ate chicken, quietly asking the pollo to forgive me for my cultural sensitivity. If only the Peace Corps could see me now. After that I tried not to collapse when Tía Isabel came over to the house, pointed to my dolphin tattoo and started gabbing about how dolphins came from another planet.

Once she left we took a nice long siesta, woke up, went over Tío Kiko's after I applied some freshly sliced Aloe vero to my to my skin. There we ate bread and cheese, drank tea, Erika and I retold stories about Cusco, the military truck, the angry peasants, the paro, riots in the streets, l'affaire Aero Condor. Finally, after hugging and kissing everyone, we left, Kiko drove us to the main drag, we hailed a taxi, and then Erika turned to me and said:

--I'm gonna miss this place.
--Yeah, I know what you mean.

Peru was awesome. I really want to come back, perhaps in a year or two. But I'm ready to return to Chicago. I need to write, and run, eat my near-vegan diet again, and see my brother, and sleep in our bed, and play with the pooch.

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