22 February 2008

¡Lima, Mi Amor!

Lima, Peru :: Pueblo Libre

¡A, how good it feels to be back in Lima! I never thought I'd say that. After waking up at 5 in the morning and driving to the airport with Diego, Jessica and H(e)iang, we watched our friend Diego stand by the check-in line to see if there were any vacant seats. Unfortunately, they never came. So E. and I stood in separate lines--she in Star Peru and me in LAN where I met this cool French couple--and we waited for hours, putting our names on Taca and LAN's waiting lists. The airport was a mess--filled with three days of passengers, angry tourists, blighted hikers, leery Limeños, strutting Argentinos, large groups of sun-burnt Americans.

Luckily for us, we did score two seats on Star Peru, thanks to Erika's diligence, and we did it all alone. Diego was a lifesaver though, without him we would have stayed in the streets.

After taking a taxi home, showering and hanging out with the family, E. Luis and I went to la Barranca, a Bohemian part of Lima with a nice line of restaurants on the bay, linear lines of gas lamps, an overlook filled with officious lovers, and a small marketplace for hippies, one of whom, got really snarky with me when I took a picture of his lame-ass friendship bracelets, or whatever the hell he was selling.

--You could ask before taking a picture, he said.
--Don't worry, Luis said, it's fine.
Sometimes, hippies annoy me even more than Born-again Christians. At least they have manners.

At Café Criolla we ate humitas and a plate of papas huacainas, and then we took a taxi home with this insane driver, the kind of driver that speeds up at red lights and drives 95kph in a 50kph lane, even when his car starts wobbling.

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