15 February 2008

Purple Rain in Peru

Lima, Peru :: Pueblo Libre.


1. We went to the arteseñales en la marina where I bought a beautiful blue chullo (traditional Peruvian hat), a blue bufonda (scarf), a cheesy Peru keychain and I bought
2. Books at Librería Ibero: a book on Spanish expressions and a verb conjugation book, cuz I'm that nerdy.
3. We took a taxi to Miraflores wher I ate delicious Tallerinas Verdes, spagheti al pesto--esquisito--yucas y calamari.
4. Erika and I walked around Miraflores, then took a taxi back to la casa de las tías, where we took an amaing 2-hour siesta.
5. We went to Sachún restaurant and watched Carlos and Heidi perform 4 different types of traditional Peruvian folkdancing, of course they dragged me on stage where I danced with Heidi, but fortunately, she was sweet and helped me with the footwork so I didn't make an ass of myself.
5. Then we listened to 2 separate groups sing an entire library of songs (8-10 songs each), and then there was more traditional Peruvian dancing, this time involving acrobatic leaps, men jumping on their backs, Afro-Peruvian dances, one of which, involved lightning people's asses with candles--and I'm not even making that up, and then, after all that, another guy sang a series of popular Peruvian melodies--Kiko was going crazy. And then finally as 2:30 in the morning, when all the American tourists had gone back to their hotels, and only the Spaniards and the Peruvians were still shouting and celebrating, we finally went home.

Man, these Peruvians like to party like it's 1999 every night.

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