24 February 2008

And The Winner For Best Ass Goes To. . .

Lima, Peru :: Pueblo Libre

Today was simple--just the way I like it. We walked to the Artesañales where I bought a chullo for Wick, a pretty bufanda (scarf) for Mom, then we took a taxi back home in the scorching sun. The heat was so strong, it just bore us down and stole the energy from our bones. Then we ate yummy vegetarian food at this restaurant only two little blocks from home--god it was delicious.

--Hilda, I asked, how'd you like the vegetarian food?
--Pasable, she said. I guess she didn't like hanging with the locals, but I certainly did.

After a superfluous siesta, we walked to Pueblo Libre Parque and watched 2 beauty pageants, one of old women, and another for teenagers. Of course. the sexed-up latina in the skimpy purple dress who strutted her shit on stage, causing middle-aged men to howl in appreciation, took home the prize. But the truth is, she deserved it. She looked good.

Afterwards, we walked to a little deli and ate some Peruvian appetizers (e.g. humitas y fresh jugo), and then we walked home and watched the Oscars, sighing at the heinous Spanish simultranslations.

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