13 February 2008

Worth Every Damn Bite

Just a little announcement: because it's a complete pain in the ass interspersing my blogs with pictures and commentary, I've decided to write my blogs first and then include a super-duper fototeca as my last entry. This way, you can read my entries first, and then, once you're ready and you've put on your wet suit, you can dive into the pictures all at once. And now on with the show.


Lima, Peru::Pueblo Libre.

Today we woke up, ate a nice Peruvian breakfast with the family (e.g. olives, toast, butter, jam, fresh papaya, black tea), went to El Palacio de las Armas with Luis and his special friend Charro in a Combi, Peru's version of the African Bush Taxi, or the Azerbaijani Marshutka--ah, such strong memories of Burkina Faso or México. Later we walked to a bazaar where I bought a copy of La Casa de los Espiritus, by Allende, took a taxi past the Stadio Nacional de Peru where I bought nice camiseta sportiva de futbol, a pretty PERU football jersey, and then we went to a fantastic seafood joint where we ate arroz con mariscos--absolutely delicious. Then we came back to la casa de las tías where we read about Barack Obama's stunning victory in Virginia, DC and Maryland, after which I wrote Mom a belated birthday email--lame I know.

Before I knew what was going on, we were drinking some syrupy liquor (kinda like old port but not really) with random strangers in the living room and the too-cool-for-school teenager and the cute, talkative niña who stared at me like I was a talking dinosaur.

Finally we went to the birthday party of Ana's brother's cousin's house? No, wait, that's not right. Anyway, I did eat some chicken because I wanted to see what it was like, and it was possibly the most delicious chicken I've eaten in at least 10 years, and I also drank my first Peruvian cerveza--it tasted just like all beer. Not bad at all, but it was the chicken that changed my life for 15 minutes. But now, seconds before I hit the air mattress, I've almost forgotten what a horrendous vegetarian I've been in Peru.

I just had to try all this stuff at least once. Worth every damn bite.

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