17 February 2008

Flying Over the Geoglyphs of Nasca

Nasca, Peru :: Hotel Allegría.

After a six-hour bus ride on Cruz Del Sur, we arrived in Nasca and pretty much hopped into a taxi and jumped into a small plane and flew over the líneas de Nasca, known in the rest of the world as mystical land drawings of geoglyphs. UFOlogists, eat your fucking heart out!

I'll be honest: at first I didn't know what I was looking at. Up front, as the unofficial co-pilot, I kept mistaking roads and erosion cracks for geoglyphs with the amazing blare up there in the cockpit. I didn't even know I'd seen the Whale, or the Astronaut until much later on when I looked at my pictures. But by the time I got to the Triangles, I was straight, but other passengers weren't so lucky. Erika was trying to stop herself from throwing up, Fia, Carlos and Ana were laughing, the pilot was taking these insane 180˚ turns, and after 29 minutes, we returned to planet earth, where they tried to charge us a foreigner tax on the ground, which was kinda annoying.

Afterwards, we ate pizza and Tallarines Verdes and drank a massive bottle of Inca Cola before we chilled at the hotel and took turns getting ready for bed, and then Erika and I took a Cruz Del Sur to Arequipa and Carlos, Ana and Fia took some other ghetto bus back to Lima. Our ride to Arequipa was dark and crowded, our legs were cramped. I'm not actually sure I slept at all during our 9-hour voyage tthere, but what I'm definitely sure of, is that I can't travel coach in South America because coach was clearly made for smaller people of another race, and my 5'10" frame has never felt so tall, or so awkward before.

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