11 February 2008

First Day in Peru!

In the past 24 hours Erika and I have:

1. Left Chicago where it was -15 degrees.
2. Slept in our flight to Miami most of the way. When we got there it was 79 degrees. By the time we got our bags we had to eat vegetarian fajitas at fucking Chili's.
3. At 9:00 pm--that's to say 4 hours before our flight--the Miami International Airport looked like this:

It was totally bizarre, and, poignantly enough, the last open space we'd see (and hate) for almost 3 weeks.
4. During our flight to Peru we dozed off before the flight attendant woke us up with our pathetic vegan (read: wack) meals of steamed carrots and rice, fruit, bread and ensalada. But at least they remembered. Afterwards, we slept for almost the rest of the flight.
5. In Lima, we waited for our luggage, passed through customs, which involved a bit of game-playing. You had to press a button: if the light turned red you had to open up your bags to customs, if it was green you could walk through. I just followed the cue of another Peruvian and just walked right behind Erika. The outskirt of Lima reminded me of Ouaga or México. I admit, I was unimpressed. I felt transported back to Burkina Faso and there was a primal part of me that was like, get me the hell out of here. No matter how many times I visit the developing world, this is almost always my first primal instinct. But the closer we got to Pueblo Libre, the more I liked Lima and the better I felt about being in a strange land.
6. We walked to Supermercado Vea where we bought juice, fruit, stuff.
7. With The Familia, after we ate a vegetable soufflé with pan and thé, we took a taxi to Miraflores:

One of the highlights was watching Erika get drunk:

After that we walked around stores, played videogames (where I kicked Sophia's ass at air hockey with my savage diagonal slams), ate yuca. I also drank my first official chica and pisco sour. Then I got sunburnt. But at least I got to look at this:

8. Al regressar, we ate a little lunche, as they call it, then Erika and I crashed for few hours. I'm not gonna lie, it took us exactly 5 seconds before I was unconscious.
9. I met Tia Nº2, Hilda, talked to Aldo (Erika's uncle) and his girlfriend, Luz, Ana Luis, Erika and I ate dinner, drank thé, talked politics, and then Luis, Erika and I walked around the barrio. ¡Qué gran día!

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