18 March 2008

If You Can Make Me Cry, I'll Vote for You

I read Obama's speech today and it made me cry. I'm serious. It made me cry. When I look at the whole picture, this man, his life story, his struggles as a bi-racial man growing up in a single-household in Indonesia, Hawaii, the way the media and our society wants him to be black, or white, but criticizes him for not being black, or white, or protestant, or practical, or experienced enough, I see an intelligent, eloquent, brave and courageous man. He inspires me, moves me, and makes politics human again. They say he all rhetoric, but at this point in the campaign, all 3 candidates are giving speeches, that's what they're supposed to do. With as much political experience as Bill Clinton when he was elected, with more legislative experience than HRC, but most importantly, with the most heart, conviction and honesty of the three candidates, Barack Obama inspires me to believe again. Some political cynics won't budge, but I did. And then I wiped my face, because I'd just read the first honest speech about race by a political candidate in my entire life, and it was so brilliant and so human.

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