16 February 2008

The Magical Water Show That Lasted Forever

Lima, Peru :: Pueblo Libre

We spent a nice slow day at La Playa de Pavo, a quaint little beach located right on the Pacific Ocean where we drank bottled h2o and ate light barcillos before taking a taxi to Miraflores--do I see a theme?--where Erika and I ate Caprese Spagheti and drank fresh pineapple and mango juice at El Café Italiano. Then, the four of us went shopping for CD's at knock-off t-shirts at a nearby arcade before walking back home in Pueblo Libre. Erika and I took a perfect siesta, followed by a long shower al fresco, before leaving with Tía Hilda and Luis to Circuito Mágico de Agua--which was a mix of slip'n'slide, dancing fountains & the movie "Fantasia."

The large fountain espectáculo, complete with synchronized fountains and sprinklers, dancing to Strauss waltzes was kinda cute, for the first 40 minutes, but then we watched the whole history of Peru, projected through the fountains. There's the condor, the national bird. There's Machu Picchu. There is a laser show, with morphing trapezoids that turn into large mazes and then other morphing trapezoids.

The whole things was both cool, bizarre, hilarious and crowded in the best way possible. We even saw a newly-wed couple there, taking pictures. Here honey, let's get a picture of the dancing water. I love you, even when your bridal gown is drenched.

Now we leave for Nasca in four hours. Fuck.

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