30 April 2008

Maybe Palermo, But Definitely Not A Barrio Named Visa


There is no other way to say it but ¡Xoder!

Well, unfortunately, Erika and I aren't going to get our work Visa through Aldo and his socio--it's way too much work and it costs a shitload. For those of you that don't know how much work it is to work legally in Argentina, consider reading yesterday's blog. It's like el gobierno argentino is practically begging you to work under the table. I tried to assuage Aldo that we would pay for any and all expenses--propagating the continuous myth that Americans are loaded, and also, that we think money solves everything. Wait, it doesn't? I'm so confused.

Of course this is a huge bummer. I mean, the one advantage we had in Argentina compared to say, Chile, was connections with Erika's uncle and cousin, and obviously, that doesn't really mean shit when there are 11 steps to establishing legal work Visas, and even Argentinos are like, fuck this. Can't say I blame Aldo and his mysterious writing colleague, but I will admit that I kinda secretly wish that they'd roll up their sleeves and take one for the team. It would be fantastic for their karma and help us establish residency. But no. Looks like I'll have to marry a sympathetic argentina. . .

If nothing else, because we won't have work Visas, now we're both forced to travel out of Argentina every three months, which isn't a bad deal at all. The truth is, I really want to see Uruguay, Brazil and Chile, and now, for basic consular reasons, we're forced to see the continent. This is an enormous positive up-side.

The one good thing that Aldo told me in his email is that he is going to check out Luciana's apartment on 1 May. We're wiring him money tomorrow so he can pay for the "reserva" if he thinks it's worth $570, though, of course, I encouraged him to be his charming self and convince her to lower it to $530, or even $500, if he could. Doesn't hurt to have some influence from the inside. The more Erika and I look at apartments--at least the ones online--the more I realize that 500 bucks for a cute place in the hippest barrio in Buenos Aires ain't such a bad deal, bourgeois cultural speculation, notwithstanding.

Yesterday I sent both of our passport renewal applications to Phillie through Next Day Mail. Within a few weeks we'll have spiffy new passports with evil microchips installed--I'm not even playing about that. Soon, we're gonna buy our one-way tickets to Argentina. Holla!

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