16 April 2008

Obama is Electable, Asshole

If Barack Obam is not electable, why do so many editorial departments (conservative and liberal) support him and NOT Hillary Clinton? Being electable means literally capable of being elected and he's won more votes, won more states, won more delegates, received more editorial endorsements, raised more money (90% of them, under a $100), and is leading in national polls regarding his electability and trustworthiness, not to mention he has a 102:5 superdelegate pick-up since Super Tuesday compared to HRC and has been directly responsible for inspiring some of the biggest primary turn-outs in US history. I'd LOVE to hear how he's not electable. If that's NOT electability, then I think the personal definition of electability that some cynics and blind-sighted pundits have is either absurd, or empirically dishonest.

A final thing, Obama has already proved he can work across the aisle. For example, the Obama-Lugar Bill to reduce nuclear proliferation and the Obama-Coburn bill for federal funding accountability and transparency (both respected republicans) are two of the best bipartisan bills Congress has passed in years--a position shared by political commentators on both sides of the aisle. Furthermore, Obama led a very ambitious bipartisan bill with other Dem's and Rep's for increasing fuel-economy standards for cars and light trucks by 4% that was tabled. These are just a few examples (there are many), but the point is it's completely inaccurate to state that Barack Obama cannot or has not worked with Republicans to get things done, or that he's not electable when his record disproves that entirely. You may not like or agree with him, and I can totally respect that, but the one thing you can't say is that he isn't electable because so far his record disproves that entirely. Even if he lost in the General Election, doesn't make him unelectable. Being even competitive politically is proof of electability, and Barack Obama will more than competitive. He's gonna win and prove the cynics wrong. Now, what he does with the presidency, that remains to be seen. . .

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