20 April 2008

Raddest Birthday in 10 Years

This was one of the best b-days I've had in years--the little and big details. For real. Erika made me breakfast but there weren't any veggie sausages so she made to veggie burgers. It was so damn cute, there were waffles, grade A maple syrup, and a big old VEGGIE BURGER. It was so was endearing I had to hug her. Did I touch the Vegan Griller? Not really. But the thought was rich.

 Afterwards, we got dressed and went to the Oriental Theater where I FINALLY got to see "Wicked" which was a lot of fun despite legions of college students talking about fellowships, jobs and grad school. I've wanted to see this revisionist musical for 3 years now and I really enjoyed it. They could have cut a few forgettable songs, but I loved the re-telling of the story, a sort of musical etiology of the cult classic.

Then we drove to Lakeview, kicked it at Intelligentsia and drank some Jasmine tea, walked around the hood a little bit before finally making our way to the Chicago Diner. There we met Jes and Josh, Sarah and her beau, Wick and Megha, eating vegan Cobb Salads, a spicy avocado sauce, seitan Philly Steak Sandwiches and Reubans--so fucking good. In all, 8 people--the perfect number for great conversations and a little isolation now and then for political rants, the mechanics of voseo and non-profit chats. I pretended not to notice Erika tell our waitress it was my birthday, and sure enough, ten minutes later, she showed up with our vegan chocolate ganache cake with a candle and I watched in a mix of dismay, embarrassment and pure unbridled joy as the entire restaurant sang happy birthday to me. I thanked them and blew out the candle, forgetting to make a wish. But I think that's okay. It shows I'm grounded and fluid right now and I know my life is my wish, the life I've wished for since I was in high school. Finally, after dropping off Wick and hugging him, Erika and I went home, walked the pooch, I called my Mom, thanked her for buying me Junot Diaz's novel, and then I opened and admired the rest of my gifts:

A new pair of vegan kicks by macbeth, holla!
Some gourmet teas: yerba mate, sencha with matcha, sencha kabusé
My fave video: Báraka
My fave Pilot V Razor Point Pens
Kanji Cards
A nice bottle of Chateau-neuf-dupape from Jess, one of my fave vineyards!

It was an almost perfect day, full of sun, music and conversation, stellas artois, green tea, salads, friends and love.

Yo, I know I'm blessed--but it's the people in my life that are my blessings.

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