04 April 2008

Why It's Not Okay to Send Bomb Threats to a Church

I'm not sure whether the New York Times will publish my comment or not in its interactive blurby column. I'm not even sure if it's news, but anyway, just in case they don't or they erase the archive, this is my response to the insane, angry white males that argue it's okay for Barack Obama's church to receive death threats and okay for members of the media to bombard church services:

The fact is, there are churches across the bible belt all the way up to the mountains of Wyoming that spew anti-gay, anti-feminists rhetoric, and no one is leaving them out or protest, just as there are many churches that have been complicit in endorsing politicians too, so this is an obvious double standard to hold it against Obama. Also, as Obama explained countless times, most currently in his Hardball interview with Christ Matthews at West Chester University, he is a Christian so he believes in forgiving others, like his former pastor, for his incendiary remarks, which is what a compassionate Christian should do. I have Mormon friends who forgave Bush for his mistakes in Iraq, it's not any different except Iraq killed 4,000 brave American soldiers, which is so much worse to me. Additionally, Rev. Wright's Church is 90% White, has done amazing community work and helped out its neighborhood in countless ways, so you're completely oversimplifying the Trinity Church. There are many good Christians in that church, by the way, and though they might not agree with Wright's tirades, they certainly understand where that anger comes from, and forgive him for his mistakes--something the haters in this blog surely cannot do.

Finally, no church deserves death threats no matter what the doctrine. And if you're willing to make a gross generalization about a national church, one of its former reverends, its parish, and a presidential candidate, all based on 30 seconds of looped sermon, frankly, I feel sorry for you. Instead of worrying about Rev. Wright, you should be worrying about what happened to all your critical thinking skills.

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