17 April 2008

WP + the Jacket of Your Dreams

Today Erika and I wanted to enjoy the gorgeous weather so we drove to the WP in the side streets, listening to Tribe, which brought back such strong memories of Oberlin, my first Autumn there in the quad, and back when I was living in French House and Alex and I would throw wine and cheese parties and then dance to The Smiths, The Samples & James. Such great memories. Anyway, I was having this simultaneous experience of joy and relief as our car went boom: the sun finally came out, it was pure and absolute liberation to wear a t-shirt, the warmth felt like redemption. Yo, it was a perfect fucking day.

When we got to Wicker Park we found this amazing parking spot right across the restaurant, and then we went to Earwax, ate some yummy food. Erika ordered a soy Sloppy Joe--lame--and I ordered a Jerk Seitan Sandwich--pretty good. Still, it was the chocolate peanut butter soy shake that really rocked the house. Afterwards, we went to G-star. She bought this rad little black number and I bought possibly the coolest fucking jacket of my life. I feel like I've worn this jacket in my dreams. I'm not even playing. That's how rad it was.I told myself that today was my b-day gift and I always get something I can wear on my special day. That's just how I roll I guess. Take a look at this fucking jacket: Cool Jacket, right? Okay, now granted, I just time-warped your ass since this shot was taken in Madrid in May 2009, which is almost a year from now, but hey, I forgot to take a picture when I first bought it.

Then, before the Money Moon disappeared, we walked around the 'hood, soaked up some sun, window-shopped, I fantasized about a new tattoo, and then came back to the OP, walked Zoe, and went to her mom's. It felt like spring today. It felt like our new life. It felt amazing.

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