13 May 2008

Got Our Apartment in Palermo!

Okay, strangely enough, everything seems to be working out, which, to be honest, kinda freaks me out. I guess I sort of expect moving to Argentina to be a complete pain in the ass since trying to work there legally was such a Kafkasque nightmare. Maybe it would have been if Erika and I had actually applied for work visas. But everything managed to work out somehow--defying both the laws of Argentine bureaucracy and the politics of escapism. If dreams were a checklist, then here it is:

√Buy tickets to Buenos Aires.
√Get new ultrapatriotic passports in separate envelopes that put "God Bless America" T-shirts to shame. Incidentally, Erika's passport, though still valid for a year, was actually canceled whereas my former Peace Corps no-fee passport, which expires in like 3 months was left untouched--go figure.
√Score a rad apartment in the slickest barrio in Buenos Aires that has parks, vegetarian restaurants, cafes, an apple store and a small legion of overpriced boutiques.

In review: tickets, passports, apartment, barrio, dream. Once we get to Buenos Aires, we'll take a taxi to our new place, meet Luciana (our landlady), sign our 1st three-month lease, fork over $1,700 bucks for 3 months rent (that's $285 per person FYI), and get our keys to our new life. Holla!

56 days and counting. . .


Mama Bug said...

Congratulations. Palermo is a great barrio and I think you and Erika will be really happy there. I want a postcard. --Mother Bug

Nancy (aka Dalila) said...

Hi Jackson, it's interesting to read another trilingual blog. It's not very usual. It's also cool to find out that more foreigners are settling down here. BA is getting more cosmopolitan than ever. I'm sure you'll love Palermo!! By the way, thanks for reading my blog!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hola Nancy. ¿En qué lengua debiera responderte? ¿En castellano? En français? English? Em português? In Italiano? I'm just kidding, I don't speak Portugese, and I don't know more than 50 words in Italian but I'd definitely like to learn both of those languages some day. Thanks for adding me to your bloglist, that was really cool of you. Et, tu sais, dans l'avenir je vais verifier ton blog de temps en temps pour que mon français reste au courant. A propósito, estoy tan emocionado sobre nuestro nuevo departamento en Palermo. Stay in touch and check out my blog and I'll definitely do the same. I know I'll have lots of questions for you once we've settled in. Peace, Blessings, --j2b