07 May 2008

New Passports That Sing God Bless America

And I have to say: they're fucking ugly as all hell. I know some of you will tell me I'm unpatriotic, but have you taken a look at our new consular monstrosities some call passports? It looks like an American History picture book, for Christ's sake--and that's where Visas are supposed to go. Not to mention I have bags underneath my eyes and a mustache in my photo that I didn't have in the photo I sent them. Add to that the crazy Constitution excerpt on the photo page and the famous American president quotation headers, and you've got yourself a powerful piece of Americana kitsch.

But at least now Little Bug and I can fly to Argentina

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the unreliable narrator said...

Aren't they hideous? I just think they're hideous. So revoltingly "patriotic." Thank god in her wisdom for Obama (whatever else he's doing/not doing), otherwise I'd never be able to look the immigrations officer at Heathrow in the EYE again.

Anywhoodle, I know this is an old post but I wanted to say hey; ergo, hey. :o) I followed you here from your really wonderful comments over on the Tom K. MFA blog—I agree with everything you said about creative PhDs—and I'm a poet finishing up my MFA at ASU who's just applied for USC (that's a lotta acronyms, there) because I do want that additional few years to work on writing and reading.

Anyway props to your blog and thanks for writing it! (PS love those LA photos too—me and my b/f visited for the first time this summer, he lived for years in Sta Monica and West Hwood and wanted to show me his hood—fingers crossed we move there this summer! :o)