03 May 2008

Reserved Tickets, Reservas and Ideas for Bank Accounts

Okay, I think we're finally making progress. First, Erika and walked into STA travel today--not to be confused with STD Travel--and reserved two one-way tickets from Chicago to Buenos Aires for $850 each, which of course is a lot of fucking money for a one-way ticket, especially considering it will be Winter in Argentina. I mean, who deliberately flies to another country's Winter? Even so, the only better deals we've found require us to transfer in México City or San Juan Panama, which ain't gonna happen. Erika wants to minimize Zoe's trauma and I kinda agree with her. So unless we find a better deal, at least we have tickets in mind now.

Second, Ana sent money to Aldo through Western Union for our "reserva," and once Aldo stops by and gives Luciana the cash, she'll send us our address, and give us our phone number and cell phone number--for some reason we get a cell phone and a landline while we're there.

Third, Erika and I discovered that one of us--okay, her--can dish out 200 bucks to open up a foreign account in Argentina through HSBC and we will have a direct bank account in Buenos Aires, which will be really handy for writing checks to our landlady, taking out money and avoiding $5 withdrawal fees, not having to wire money all the time from the States, and most importantly, this helps us avoid carrying $10,000 in cash in our jeans as we fly from the US to Argentina. With the recent scandals erupting in the news about airport security stealing people's iPods, jewelry and cash stashes from their suitcases while they wait for them at baggage check, I think the less we bring the better.

Fourth, I also received several emails from prospective employers already for teaching and copyediting gigs--which I think is a rad sign.

All of this makes Buenos Aires more reality and less dream. Once we have a place, tickets, and a bank account, then we just neeed to pack, fly and find jobs. ¡Sí se puede!

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