03 May 2008

Sakura, The Meter Fellowship + Fresh Underwear

Spring was in the air and the sun was in our faces. I really loved the simplicity of this friday. Erika and I wandered around Target. We didn't find any Nintendo DS games that interested her. No Princess Peach. I said hello and she said goodbye.

Then we went to Circuit City where Erika bought "Ditty Kong," holla, and STA travel, where we lied and told the agent we were students--I'm 34 for Christ's sake--and we reserved 2 one-way tickets from Chicago to Buenos Aires for around $800 in July, which is the best deal we've found so far. Erika will try to find a better deal, but I'm not sure there is one, not one that avoids a transfer in San Juan or México City--she wants to minimize the trauma for Zoe. Vamos a ver.

Then, we drove from Lincoln Park to the Gold Coast and found an amazing parking place that became valid at 6:30. We looked around and saw a bunch of drivers standing around in the sidewalk, near their cars, at the corner, in the streets, all of us, waiting for 6:30 to roll around. The Meter Maids are bunch of bitches, Erika got a tickets last week near Armitage because free parking stopped at 6:00, we tried to walk out of Argo Tea but got way-laid by Emma, and by the time we arrived at her car at 6:15, she had a ticket, it was like they were waiting by her car until 6. Anyway, I appreciated the Fellowship of the Parking Meter. To kill time, we walked into Newberry Park and the Japanese Sakura were in full bloom. Erika and I took turns closing our eyes and inhaling:

so soft and warm and
faintly sweet, the flower buds
smelled so light and pink.

I felt like we were smelling freshly laundered underwear from a Japanese schoolchild, which was a guilty pleasure for sure. Finally we walked to Big Bowl where we had our first date--not by design, my sushi joint was closed--and ate spicy Kung Pao tofu and spinach, and drank some cocktails. Erika: some alocholic breezer. Me: a yum passion fruit sangria mouthblast.

Finally we walked to H&M, I bought socks and (fresh, but not Japanese) underwear and a nice pageboy hat, gray like my G Star jacket, and then we walked around Chicago for a good hour before finally stopping by Whole Paycheck to buy some vegan cake and soy yogurt. On the way home, I listened to "Louder Than Bombs" and realized that the Smiths will always be rad, not matter how many times you sing along.

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