02 June 2008

36 Días y La Elección de Sophia :: 36 Days and Sophie's Choice

(es) ¡Mierda! No puedo creer que salgamos el siguiente mes. 36 dias es casi nada más de un mes y no nos pusimos a empaquetar todavía, pero la verdad es que he mirado a todo que tengo en este apartamento, silenciosamente dividiendo mi entera realidad material en dos montones separados:

Montón 1: Andás conmigo a la tierra del asado
Montón 2: O voy a venderte, guardarte o obsequiarte al Ejército de Salvación. Realmente, voy a tratar de venderte, no poderlo, y luego voy a ponerte en una cajita en almacenamiento de lo cual voy a olvidarme, probando así que ya no te necesito y yo te debiera haber obsequiado al Ejército de Salvación en primer lugar.

¡Boludo! Es como esa pelicula "La Elección de Sophia" salvo que se trata de mis púlover en vez de un bebe, y el fuego, en realidad, es un vuelvo de 10 horas.

(en) Holy Shit! I can't believe we leave next month. 36 days is barely more than a month and we haven't even started packing. But the truth is that I've been looking at everything I own and silently separating my entire material reality into 2 separate piles:

Pile 1: You're coming with me to the Land of the Asado
Pile 2: I'm either going to sell you, store you or give you away to the Salvation Army. Realistically, I'll try to sell you, not be able to, and then I'll put you in some little box in storage that I will completely forget about, thus proving that I no longer need you and should have given you away to the Salvation Army in the first place.

Fuck, it's like it's Sophie's Choice, except it's with my sweatshirts instead of babies, and the fire is actually a ten hour flight.


Giorgio said...

Hi Jackson...Good luck for your Argentinean Adventure :o) Greetings from Italy and Argentina

Jackson Bliss said...

¡Hola Giorgio! Thanks so much. I'm really really stoked about our big move. I've been reading about blogs and articles about Argentina and I'm getting so excited. So are you in Italy or Argentina? Anyway, thanks and be well. Peace, Blessings, --j2b

M said...

Bring your favorite hot sauces if you have some. I was most surprised that Argentines don't eat spicy food.

Empanadas are made for hot sauce!

Jackson Bliss said...

Totally M. I love spicy food and I've heard from many sources now, you being the most recent one, that the Argentines eat just like Italians in so many ways. Almost ever Argentine I've met has been charming, and, in some ways, total denial about being Latino. But I appreciate the advice and I PROMISE to bring some liquid fire with me.