09 June 2008

I Hope Therefore I Write

(en) I just sent query letters for my novel BLANK to Katherine Fausset and Jim Rutman and I'm wondering whether being in Argentina will positively or negatively prejudice my chances of getting a top-notch literary agent. Considering how many agents don't accept email queries, it seems like a bad move I admit. But I'm hopeful that Beth de Guzman will eventually help me out or that something else will work out eventually. I still hope because I'd stop writing otherwise.

(es) Acabo de mandar dos cartas de duda de la parte de mi novela BLANK a Katherine Fausset y Jim Rutman y ahora me preguntaba si estar en Argentina me influiría, en cierto modo positivo o negativo, las posibilidades de conseguir un agente literaria de primera clase. Teniendo en cuenta cuantas agentes literarias no accepten cartas de duda por correo electrónico, parece que sea una mala decisión confeso. Pero tengo esperanzas de que Beth de Guzman (or alguien así) inevitablemente me ande a ayudar, or que otra cosa suceda. Sigo teniendo esperanzas porque si non me dejaría de escribir.


viviana said...

Hi Jackson, thanks for your nice commentary on my Mendoza blog. My husband Ariell and I loved your blog. He is also a writer, keep checking back on the blog he will be adding his e-book Argentinos en Esclavos Uniidos. Keep writing it keeps your grounded! If you need anything while in Argentina in July please call Ariell will be in Mendoza. 615-405-7217 I will leave another post with our skpe # also
Mucha suerte
Viviana fron Mendoza connection

Jackson Bliss said...

Viviana, okay, will do! I'll check up on his blog from time to time to take a look at what he's writing. I'm curious. And thanks so much for your kind offer, I may actually write you or call ariell if there's something I have a question about since my g/f and I will arrive in BAS in July and everything will be new and wonderful and confusing. 1,000 thanks!