27 June 2008

State of Influx

It's totally crazy. Almost everyone I know is moving or just moved recently. Here's a compelling--and largely meaningless--example of what I mean:

1. Bee moved from South Bend to Hattiesburg, Mississippi
2. Leigh moved from Traverse City, Michigan to Portland, Oregon in January
3. Kelly, this girl I went on a date with back in South Bend moved from South Haven, Michigan to Austin, Texas, with her rocker boyfriend
4. Mona is moving back to Chicago from Pittsburgh
5. Tim moved from Dublin to Ann Arbor, for reasons that still elude me
6. Julie, A former student of mine from Notre Dame is moving from Chicago back to Minneapolis for Law School (good move)
7. Snewtee moved to Parkslope with her girlfriend and pooch
8. M2 is moving from Chicago to Colorado with her boyfriend
9. Randa moved from Iraq back to Beirut with her husband, Hussein, thank god
10. Helmut, after finally getting his Ph.D at Yale (10 years in the making), is moving to College Station, Texas to teach at Texas Tech
11. Amy V. moved from South Korea to Thailand to teach English
12. Micai moved from Azerbaijan to Georgia for her Fulbright
13. Kristen moved from Azerbaijan to D.C. with her Azeri boyfriend
14. Barbara, my Mom's Aussie friend, is moving from Socal to Bali.
15. Nica is moving from Boston to Amsterdam
16. And lastly and most importantly, Erika and I moved from Chicago to Buenos Aires. And we're doing it for a better life. Holla!

I know, I know. Who the hell are these people? Sadly, if you're not me, they're just names. But I used a very personal example to prove a more general trend, namely that people are getting fidgety.

I think we've entered a time of amazing transition. It seems like all of us as humans and creators are passing through a new existential phase as we redefine ourselves and look for our tribe in other corners of the world, looking for a new life hiding in the crevices of other cultures. Instead of settling we're searching for a place that drenches us with a calm sense of wonder.


Nica said...

Ha, you left me off your list of vagrants and transients. Everyone I know is moving, too, from Seattle to SF, from Seatte to Los Alamos, from China to the US, from Japan to Vancouver, etc. etc.
It's mass migration season.

I hope you guys are settling in well!



JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...


Hola chica. ¿Como estás? Sé que hace tiempo que te respondo, pero estaba pensándolo por díaz. Yeah I totally agree with you. This is the season for migration, I'm sure of it. So when do you move to Amsterdam? Are you stoked? Why kind of paperwork do you have to go through to bring the baby on board? Are you going to study Dutch? I'm so excited for you. Let me know how it turns out. Someday I'd like to visit. Besos, --j2b

Bea said...

You can add me to your list: I moved from Leuven, Belgium to Montreal, Canada on July 4th. :-)

Your blog is fun to read. I lived in Buenos Aires my spring semester of college... It's bringing back memories.