15 June 2008

Things I'll Miss About Chicago

Here is a quick list of things I'm gonna miss in Chicago (or at least things I think I'll miss):

1. The Chicago Diner's vegan philly steak sandwiches
2. Alice & Friend's yakisoba and chocolate mousse cake
3. Cultural and racial diversity
4. Relatively clean air
5. Las Fiestas Puerorriqueñas, greasy bacalaito and arroz con gándules
6. The El, especially when it works
7. Oak Park, and how it feels like Portland
8. The Cityscape
9. Having tea with my brother
10. Whole foods & Trader Joe's
11. Erika's family
12. The illusory hope that Pops will come over and have dinner at our apartment
13. Which reminds me, our apartment
14. The Loop
15. Soy Tea Lattes with vanilla
16. Browsing through the literary journal section of Borders
17. Intelligentsia and Neocafe (Filter RIP)
18. G-star
19. Speedwalking down Michigan Avenue
20. Aveda free samples
21. Hearing English in the streets
22. Free concerts in Millenium Park
23. Black culture in America, and Black people in general
24. Japanese restaurants
25. The International terminal of O'Hare
26. LoGos, L2, WP and even Lincoln Park
27. The ability to send manuscripts through the mail
28. Clean tattoo joints
29. Falafels at the New Jerusalem Café
30. The smell of gardens
31. The Bulls, especially when they bring it
32. The Khaki Mafia that makes me feel so stylish
33. Our fabulous bed that transports me to this magical place
34. Pad thai from Jitlada Thai
35. My fave crack gate at the corner of Cottage and 78th. Just kidding
36. The speed of consumption


VIVIANA said...

BUENO COMO VOS, YO SOY ESCRITOR PERO ESTOY HACIENDO EL CAMINO OPUESTO, ESTOY EN USA, TERMINANDO MI LIBRO, Argentinos en Esclavos Unidos, espero recibir tus comentarios en nuestro blog, hacemos mil cosas junto a mi esposa... te recomiendo le heches un vistazo a ver si ves algo interesante...te deseo suerte y espero me ensenes como poner musica en mi blog, que de google como el tuyo.


muchas gracias...!!!

Jackson Bliss said...

¡Esclavos Unidos! Me encanta tanto. That's so interesting that we're doing the same thing but from different points of view. . . this is very similar to my idea of a second novel that will hopefully have parallel lives and quantum mechanic theory. I'll let you know if it turns out that way after 2 years, and I'll definitely check your blog out right now! I wish you tons of luck with your writing. Y ahora, voy a visitar tu blog y dejar un comentario para que podás tocar música en tu propio sitio. Me alegro que appreciés la música en mi blog porque hay otros que no saben apreciarlo. Seguí escribiendo y está en contacto.

Gwen E. Kirby said...


You commented on my blog a little while ago and I just wanted to thank you for your comment and tell you that I am impressed with your blog. I am also trying to imagine a vegan philly cheese steak... Good luck moving to BA! If you need a helping hand, feel free to post on my blog or whatever and maybe I can help you out.

Jackson Bliss said...

Thanks Gwen! I'll drop you a note once we've made the big move and are running all over the city trying to find organic mangos! Maybe someone should start an English-speaking literary journal in BA? Keep writing and thanks for the note.

Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

Actually, if you hang around Palermo Viejo on the weekends you should find plenty of people that speak English walking around.

Jackson Bliss said...

Hi Frank. Thanks for the tip. As luck would have it, my g/f and I will be living in Palermo. But to be honest with you, it will also be nice to NOT hear English spoken all the time but know there are places I can go to get my fix. 23 days and counting!

Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

I guess that is what I get for reading through blogs as fast as possible while working.

I thought you guys were already down here.

I look forward to reading about your experiences.

Jackson Bliss said...

No worries Frank. I appreciate the output, and I'll be writing you later on to find out how to register to vote abroad as a leftie. Check back in 24 days when my entries start to actually matter, and thanks for checking W&S out.