25 July 2008

Evita, Cemeteries & Recoleta

Before I get started, I have a question for you:

How often do I write two entries in one day?

[] All the fucking time
[] Often, especially when my Spanish gets slap-happy
[] Occasionally, depending on how romantic I'm feeling about
myself when I'm writing in my blog
[] Never. I've got a life, and double-dipping into the Lethe River is hardly my style
[] This is a trick question. You've never done this before you bastard
[] Okay, you have done this before. But you changed the dates to make it seem like they were different entries written on separate occasions

Anyway, you know it's rare that I hit it twice, but today I wrote two blog entires, mostly because the photo format of Blogger was killing me but also because today deserved two entries.

Back to our normally scheduled program:

Today, I had a moment today as we were walking through Recoleta, and later, The Recoleta Cemetery. It had something to do with:

1. The beautifully celestial nature of Buenos Aires at night

2. The absence of collectivos in the street and the pockets of unpoisoned lung

3. A few minutes before the Recoleta Cemetery closed, Erika and I found Evita's grave, otherwise known as Eva Perron

4. The smell of grass

5. Noticing all the roses that had been left for Evita and realizing how important she still is for Argentinos

6. Discovering tomorrow is the anniversary of the day she died of uterine cancer, and being part of such an important historical person, if only in passing
7. Palm trees = instant happiness. I think as humans we're just wired that way.

8. Randomly discovering a street named after French people, but written in English

9. The perfect silence of cemeteries

10. Watching a cat drink from a faucet next to tombstones

But the rest you can see in pictures:


leigh said...

So beautiful. I love cemeteries.
I love the music on ze blog. I know Seu Jorge and a couple others but I am always looking for good Spanish or Portuguese (speaking) music.......give it up!


JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...


You know, I STILL listen to that mix you gave me last summer. I'm pretty much in love with Les Babacools "Lluvia Sol." Can you believe that was almost a year ago? So much has happened since then: you're in pdx, i'm in BsAs. Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling the music. I tried to pick fairly mellow stuff and put enough of it in a playlist that won't get too monotonous, unless someone is really trolling my blog. Love you.

Dr. Vergatiesa said...

jejeje, sorry for this, but French is for character of the May Revolution "Frend y Beruti"
Not for the francoises

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hi Dr. Vergatiesa,

I know. I know. Of course you're right. Someone else commented on that earlier and told me that French was named for Domingo French. But thanks for pointing that out. As it turns out, my imagination was less interesting than the truth was. Thanks for reading my blog and drop by again.