21 July 2008

A Few Hours in San Telmo is Never Enough

(es) Durante estos dos días pasados, tomamos el colectivo al congreso con el tío de Erika en suyo departamento comimos torta de espinacas y helado, pasamos por microcentro, vimos el obelisco famoso (aquello símbolo fálico grande al centro de la ciudad), exploramos el barrio de San Telmo, oímos la música de tango por la orquesta típica y la de los uruguayos también, echamos un vistazo en los varios quioskos en el mercados de pulga, antes de dar una vuelta en los alredores. Y hoy, puesto que estaba lloviendo todo el día, lo pasamos dentro del departamento tomando té verde, comiendo platos de milanesas de soja y de huevos, ensaladas de frutillas y banánas con dulce de leche como acompañamiento, y de espinacas japonesas. Y más tarde, comimos hamburguesas de soja, una ensalada de zanahoraria y galletas de chocolate. Bastante bien por la gente que ni siquiera llegaron a la Esquina de las Flores, ese almacén de alimentos naturales en la Avenida Córdoba.

(en) During these past few days, we took the bus to the Congreso neighborhood, walked through Microcentro where we saw the famous Obelisk (that great phallic symbol in the middle of the city), we explored San Telmo, listened to tango music by the "Tipical Orchestra" as well as some Uruguay music, we glanced at various stands in the flea market before walking around the neighborhood. And today, since it was raining all day, we spent most of it inside our apartment drinking green tea, eating plates of soy milanesas and eggs, strawberry and banana salad with dulce con leche, and Japanese spinach salad. And later, we ate soyburgers, a carrot salad and chocolate cookies. Not bad for a vegetarian couple that hasn't even made it yet to the Flower Corner yet, that health food store on Cordoba Avenue.

Y ahora, las fotos :: And now, the pictures:

The Scene of the Crime
Where All the Magic Happens
A Bit Like Times Square Without The Square, or The Madness
They Need to Put a Condom on that Thing
The Lights in this City Make Me Cry
Go That Way, The Sign Says
Is There Such a Thing as The Perfect Corner? If So, Then I Just Found It
Looking for Las Madres. . .
Where The Kirchners Hide Everyone's Plata
From Bohemia to Urbania
Only in Buenos Aires Do You See Rock Shows in the Street
This Door is Equal to Countless Galleries
Like Soho, Only Not
Another Amazing Corner
This is the Brasileira Dance Parade We Ran Into
Or Really:
It Ran Into Us
A Church That's Being Renovated, One Brush Stroke At a Time
So There IS polytheism in Argentina!
Part of the Flea Market
What's the Name of that Dance Again?

Antique Store # 1
Antique Store # 2
He Wouldn't Let Me Take a Picture Until I Gave Him a Hug First. No, seriously. But I kinda liked it.
An Uruguayo Acapella Group
A Group Called Orquesta Típica

Inside the Flea Market
Inside the Flea Market #2
Inside the Flea Market #3
Inside the Flea Market #4
When I Look Up, I Get Dizzy
Love This Red
On Our Walk

Walking From Congreso to San Telmo


Lover of Nature said...

i like your blog and pictures. I am hoping to make my way to BA no leater than this winter.

Tina said...

I quite liked the group of photos with the glowy lights. Shows the ethereal side of the Buenos Aires night.


JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hi Lover of Nature. I wish you tons of luck making the greak trek to this awesome city. I promise you that it's worth the voyage. Feel free to ask any questions about the great move, I've spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to understand everything, and I have to say, I've failed at almost everything! But seriously, I wish you tons of luck. Let me know how it all turns out.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Agreed Tina! I just visited your blog, and I love the layout. Well done. Anyway, yeah, I agree. There IS something beautiful and dirty and enchanting and slightly celestial about Buenos Aires, especially at night. But then again, I'm a fucking sucker for slow shutter shots. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Actually, they put a condom on the Obelisco in november/december of 2005, for the AIDS day.
Dunno if they do that every year, cant recall now.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Dear Anónimo,

Give me your name! You're interesting. Besides, I don't know whether you're the same anónimo as the other anónimos, or a different anónimo altogether.

Anyway, that's really cool that they made the Obelisco wear a condom for awhile, maybe stop it from impregnating the sky every month with all this pollution. This just proves that I think like a porteño!

Thanks for the comment.