25 July 2008

Five Little Things I Learned Today

Today Erika and I decided to go back to Recoleta, this time during the daytime. And instead of taking the collectivo, we walked there all the way from Viejo Palermo. If you subtract all the exhaust I swallowed, it was a fantastic walk full of little insights for me. A few highlights:

1. I realized today that there is something more universal than bad hip-hop, French Fries or porn. As it turned out, it's Deepak Chopra. In this case, his new self-help book The Third Jesus.

2. In Buenos Aires, not only are churches important to Catholics, but evidently, they're also important to realtors. Here's a church that's for sale. But really could you imagine anyone living here besides a Christian Pimp? I'm thinking of that massive Harlem Church, in particular.
3. There's something about the almost perfect combination of pizza napolitano, té commún, mineral water and flan, that is potent enough to transport me to a celestial plane.

4. Even though I feel like Erika and I eat way more food than we did in Chicago, because we walk so much, we actually look thinner, and we used to run 15 miles a week, mind you. This is actually a repeat revelation I had in Rome back in 2005. Even though Romans eat nothing but some variation of bread, meat and cheese at every meal, I only saw one fat person in all of Italy, and I'm almost positive she was a tourist from Texas.

5. Porteños need to learn about the miracle of poop bags. I know this isn't culturally sensitive of me to say this, but it's nasty. I mean, there's dog shit everywhere. It's like a fucking minefield out there. It's almost like this:


Anonymous said...

Domingo French (November 21, 1774 -June 4, 1825) Argentine revolutionary who took part in the May Revolution and the Argentine War of Independence.

leigh said...

HAHAHAHA! What else is universal? Shitty electro-pop/extended versions which certainly will be playing in the church when some dick buys it and turns it into a club?
Just a hunch.


JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hi Anónimo, thanks for the information. I didn't know anything about Domingo French, but now I do thanks to you. Still, I'd like to say, wouldn't it be amazing if there were an important figure in American history whose name was something like "Tim Español," or "Alice Français" or "Joe Boliviano" or "Burt русский"??? Okay, I totally cheated with the last example. But you see my point don't you? No? Oh well . . .

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...


You know, it could happen. I could TOTALLY see some tool turning this dilapidated church into an 18+ hangout. Maybe Thursday night would be Gay Night, Saturday and Wednesdays would be Ladies Get In For Free Night, Tuesday would be 80's Night. Yeah. The runner-up for the Universal Things List, in case you're curious, was:

1. Nut Sacks, aka tight jeans
2. *---------[insert country] Next Top Model. I guess there's like 80 of them all over the world
3. Permanent Facial Stubble
4. Doritos. In every single country I've visited there is some local variation of Doritos.
5. McLame
6. Some anti-Bush graffiti. Almost as universal as Doritos and Nut Sacks

Anonymous said...

No querido, la "iglesia" es la facultad de ingenieria de la UBA.
Se dice que no se termino de construir porque los calculos estaban mal hechos, y el ingeniero por eso se suicido.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Fair enough Anonimo, but here's another possibility: maybe they converted it into a church BECAUSE the guy committed suicide, you know, as a way of purifying it. Also, if it's not a church, why was there a priest giving a sermon inside? Oh wait, no, now that I think about it, that was a lecture on the biggest architectural design flaws in Buenos Aires. I guess you're right. Cheers!

Agustín said...

Can you believe that I'm sooo used to dog dropping on the sidewalk that I had completely forgot about it. I read in other expat blogs about it. I guess you are right. We have something to learn here. If you have a dog, then take care of its shit and don't leave there!