26 July 2008

Some Differences Between the US and Argentina #1

(es) Recientemente, notaba unas differencias culturales entre los estados unidos y el argentina que me interesan mucho. Aqui están unos ejemplos hasta el momento:

1. Nuestro papel higiénico tiene cachorros azules, y además, es perfumado
2. En comparación con inglés, el lenguae rioplatense es un arte bello cuyas conversaciones son canciones chicas (que me recuerda a Roma otra vez)
3. La contaminación está por todos lados, pero así que es la gente bella
4. Permite llorar en las calles
5. La cama doble es demasiada chica por mi cuerpo
6. Las porciones de comida que se sirve acá son menos grosas
7. Los argentinos saben gozar de la vida y también tomarse las cosas con más calma
8. Ni una sola persona me pidió de qué es mi carrera
9. El televizor juege un papel más chico acá en las vidas diarias de la gente
10. Sólo en Buenos Aires hay más gente en las calles a la una de la madrugada que a la una de la tarde.

(en) Recently I've been noticing some major cultural differences between the US and Argentina that I find interesting. Here are some examples so far:
1. Our toilet paper has blue puppies on it and not only that, but it's perfumed
2. In comparison to English, Riverplate Spanish is this beautiful art whose conversations are like little songs (that remind me of Rome once again)
3. The pollution is everwhere, but so are beautiful people
4. You're allowed to cry in the streets
5. A double bed is too small for my body
6. The food portions that they serve here are smaller
7. Argentines know how to enjoy their life and also how to slow things down
8. Not a single person has asked me what my career is
9. The TV plays a much smaller role in the daily lives of people
10. Only in Buenos Aires are there more people out in the streets at one o'clock in the morning than one o'clock in the afternoon.


Lover of Nature said...

I didin't think that pollution was that bad in BA. It can't be as bad as China. I lived in that country for a while, the pollution was too much to take. Argentine are beautiful ppl, I dated one for a while. :)

Mandy said...

Hi Jackson!

I love that the portion sizes are smaller. I definitely savor my plate more.

I haven't yet been to Bodhi. I won't be able to join you both tonight, but I'd like to meet you and Erica. Are you free for lunch on Thursday? I was thinking we could grab veggie burritos at California Burrito Company or have "tenedor libre" at Granix (both in the microcentro).

Granix is good but a little expensive--$28 pesos for all veggie buffet. Let me know what you think. CBC is like Chipotle.

Chau Chico!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Dear Lover of Nature,

I haven't been to China yet so I don't have the same point of reference that you do. But from what many of my friends who live and used to live there say, China is supposedly the worst. So you're probably right, it's not as bad as China. But then again, who is? Anyway, I think you'll find that BsAs is cleaner than Shanghai or Beijing, but more polluted than say Rome, LA or Paris.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Che Mandy,

Okay, no worries.

Erika and I are totally down with a Thursday lunch. Granix sounds perfect. What time? How About 1 o'clock? Let me know if that works.

We'll see you then.

Peace, Blessings,


stilllifeinbuenosaires said...

One o'clock is perfect. I'll meet you in the entryway.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Cool. We'll see you there on Thursday Chau, --j2b