23 July 2008

Two Normal Things That Felt Weird

Weird Thing #1: I had my first job interview today in Microcentro. I'd applied for an English teaching gig months ago and after Alejandro, the manager of the company, asked for an interview, I told him I was still in Chicago, so he held on to my application and asked me to email him when I finally arrived. So I did, but I didn't expect anything out of it. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that people have become dodgy bastards with the advent of e-commerce. They can screw you over and not feel bad about it because they've never talked to you in person. They can promise you everything and disappear the next day, two hours before your first meeting, just like that. It's happened to me. So you can imagine my surprise when I got an email the next day saying can you meet me wednesday?

And suddenly, I was walking to the Subte, dressed in my one and only suit, something I almost never do at all. It's odd to me: put me in a pair of expensive designer jeans and I feel like no porteñas my age throw me a second glance. But dress me up in a dark (slightly wrinkled) charcoal suit and black shirt, and add my Guccis for good measure, and suddenly I feel like a celebrity. So do I have to wear collared shirts to get noticed around here? God, I'm superficial.

The meeting went well I think. Unless I misunderstood body language and interview dynamics, I think I got the job. Sure I'll have to teach employees English at some of the largest and most exploitative companies in the world. But hey, everyone deserves to learn a language, even if their company is raping the earth. The pay is decent though: $21ARG-$30 an hour, isn't bad for a someone without a TEFL degree or a Visa de trabajo.

Weird Thing #2: Erika, Inez (her prima) and I went and saw "Sex and the City" today. I love watching American movies abroad, especially when they're subtitled. For two hours my brain was training to absorb all of the bad, overly literal Mexican translations at the bottom of the screen. The movie itself was alright. It had its moments despite plugging into chicklit formulas ad nauseum (expensive purses, fashion shows, dogs, exhibitionistic surfers with no personality, weddings, bff's, ). I have to say I hate artificially contrived endings too and I find any and all comic relief using animals (in this case, a dog humping a pillow) lame to the core. But what was weird is that I almost forgot I was in Buenos Aires until the light went back on.

Afterwards, we ate panqueques that were really crèpes and sped-walked through Recoleta, before Erika and I hopped on the #106 Collectivo back home. A good day for sure, but one where the normal was just too normal for my own tastes.


Holly said...

Congrats on the job.

Girls love the guys in suits here, especially with good shoes. It looks like he can afford to pay for the telo instead of splitting the cost. lol.

Back in the day, when Opera Bay was still around, the rumour was most of the guys changed in to suits after work for the after work parties, held there on Wednesdays.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Well Holly, that does make sense. My shoes were pretty nice, probably nicer than my suit actually. And it WAS Wednesday. It's going to take me some time to redefine masculinity here in such a formal way. In Chicago, PDX and NYC, it was all about style and tattoos. But something tells me that's not gonna cut it here. Sure, I get plenty of attention, but it doesn't seem like there's a culture of tattology per se. Really, it all comes down my own vanity anyway. Though I know it's not very enlightened of me, I still feel awesome when a cute girl smiles at me. Anyway, thanks for the insight. Peace and Blessings.