19 August 2008

Esta Semana las Prostitutas Están Rebajadas! :: Prostitutes On Sale This Week!

Since the Tribunales subte was closed down (there were protests in front of City Hall and lots of TV cameras since today is the first day of the Cromaño Fire Trial that killed over a hundred people when it caught on fire), I walked to Pellegrini instead. And some guy handed me this little flyer as I was walking to Microcentro. It said:

Señoritas de 21 Años
rubias y morochas a tu elección.

Libertad 4**, 3º D

I feel like Buenos Aires is possibly the only city in the world where:

1. Prostitutes can't afford anything but photocopied flyers
2. Somehow, sex is STILL on sale
3. The average Argentine can't afford to pay them either, so promos are slightly less than an nice bife or a large pizza at a decent restaurant. So what will it be: lomo, or a piece of ass?

And what is a sex promo? Lots of kissing and one free arm? Five licks on tootsie-roll lollipop? A one-minute free for all using a tiny hourglass? An hour of dry-humping? Twenty pesos for the dark room with that unidentifiable woman in room 4 or thirty pesos with the woman of your choosing? I guess I'm not supposed to understand, at least not unless I became sad, lonely and single.


Tina said...

Maybe it was actually for a strip club? Who knows...

I'd take the steak.

tangocherie said...

Funny--and food for thought for many, I'm sure.

I remember some years ago at the Yira Yira milonga on Venezuela, I won the door prize and it was a free 2 hour pass to a Telo! Just try giving that away in the States!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hi Tangocherie. Well, this begs the question, did you USE it?

Tina, I'm a vegetarian and I STILL agree with you. No disrespect to all of my sex worker brother and sisters out there, by the way. . .