16 August 2008

From Congreso to la Defensa, and Bolivar in Between

During the days when I work, I have this little ritual where I like to walk from Catédral to Plaza de Mayo, and then down either la Calle Defensa or la Calle Bolivar. The sidewalks are more uneven, the cobblestone are falling apart, but these narrow streets are one of my favorite things walking through San Telmo. There are beautiful doorways, great balconies, and it's basicially quiet compared to Paseo Colon.
Tea with Ann Near Calle Hipólito
San Ignacio Church
Graffiti Art
An Empty Street in Buenos Aires in the Middle of the Day!
And Another One!
Beautiful Door #1
Beautiful Door #2 (in Belgrano--Okay, I Cheated)
Glistening Streets After It Rains
The Urban Ebb
And Flow
From the Beginning
What It Looks Like When The Street Has an Idea
And When It's Vacant
Arches #1

Arches #2


stilllifeinbuenosaires said...

I love that you guys have explored so much in such little time.

Next weekend, if you have time or the urge, you might consider going to the arts ferias at Plaza Serrano or Plaza Centenario. There's a bunch of books and vintage clothes at the latter.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

We'll definitely go. We've been wanting to visit Plaza Centenario for weeks now. Erika's cousin told us we should consider going there to run. I love looking at book sales, makes me feel like I'm wandering through Borges's underwear drawer or something. By the way, let's all go out sometime for dinner. Erika and I have wanted to try Sattva and that place in Belgrano for some time now.