30 August 2008

Green Tea, Moussaka + Lethal Piña Coladas

That about sums it up. After meeting Anne and her friend Anna at El Último Beso (no, that's not her split personality in case you're wondering), we shared more lemon pie, drank lots of green tea and talked. I ate one of the best medialunas there since my pain au chocolate phase back in Paris 2003.

Afterwards we met Anna's boyfriend Nacho at a nice Middle Eastern restaurant near Thames & Cordoba and devoured plates of hummus, baba ganoush, seasoned red peppers, falafel balls covered in a sweet tahini sauce and a gooey, cheesy, wonderful vegetarian moussaka that kept giving back. Every forkful was something to write home about.

Finally, we took a taxi to this gorgeous tapas restaurant in Palermo called milion. There are two levels, glass doors, a DJ spinning Lounge Muzak and faithful drinkers surrounding the bar, and groups of beautiful and chatty people split into small little colonies. The backyard was impressive too: there was a long marble staircase leading to the backyard, couples sitting on the steps and smoking.It was the kind of place you arrived early at and stayed for awhile. It wasn't meretricious or cheeky at all, just very relaxed and very spacious, sort of like exploring an old mansion after one of your classmates invites you to his house for a birthday party.
We managed to score some patio tables outside and I ordered--or thought I'd ordered--a Piña Colada, one of the tropical lightweights as far as drinks go. But I was wrong. It was really strong and tasted like rum on steroids. Only the bits of coconut helped me recognize what I was drinking. For a second I considered putting my drink back into the carburetor where it belongs. Fortunately, good memories never give you a hangover and taxis are always swarming the streets to take you back to your apartment in this city.

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