21 August 2008

I'm In Love With A New Café and A New Restaurant

I've found two places in Buenos Aires, two new places in Buenos Aires that I absolutely loved with almost complete abandonment today. The first is a little Bohemian restaurant four blocks from our apartment called Artemisia.
It's by reservation only. But the the servers are friendly and intuitive, the menus are written out on little baguette bags, the lightning is soft and pleasing, there's lots of open space and brick and wine racks and hanging lamps everywhere. If Artemisia were a speakeasy, their contraband would be healthy, wholesome and delicious plates of food prepared with subtlety, intelligence and love.
Before The Vegetarian Risotto, Cheese Lasagna and Thai Fish Arrived

Erika and I also found a new café thanks to our tanguera friend Tina. Tina is a little knowledge nymph and suggested we try El Último Beso since Erika and I are such tea aficionados. But when we got there, it far exceeded our coffee-house expectations, maybe because we don't have any in the Land of Fair Winds.
The Entrance
Tucked Away in Palermo Soho
There's a Patio
Two Dining Room: This is the First
This is the Second
On In Back
A Strange Showcase for Silver Screen Kitsch
Perfect for Make-Believe: Imagine You were Victorian . . .
The Front Room Where We Sipped Our Tea
The View From Down Here
This is When I Fell In Love With My Tea
Último Beso is a theme café and restaurant, meaning everything is based around a central idea. When you open the menu, for example, you discover that every tea is based on a different old or classic movie. My tea was called Casablanca. It was a Moroccan Mint and Green Tea infusion that was soft, light and sweet. Erika ordered the Cinema Paradiso, a complex green tea that was sweeter and slightly spicy. To be honest, it was fantastic. We also shared a blah croissant and an absolutely delicious slice of lemon tart pie that made my teeth sing every time I swallowed a spoonful.
So Good It Was Gone
Not to Mention, Girlfriend-Approved
Yet Another Room. What You Can't See From Here is Even More Deceptive: There was a Table Loaded with Each and Every Dessert on the Menu. The Pies Were Practically Chanting: Come To Me. I Love You. I Am Sugar.
So, Of Course, I Turned Away From The Sweets Room Before I Got Sucked into that Vortex and Lost All of My Worldly Possessions
Ending Our Walk With Another Beautiful Porteña Door


Tina said...

knowledge nymph? I like that... thanks!

Glad you liked El Ultimo Beso. :-)

sallycat said...

Hi Jackson

Will just drop this comment to say, great to meet you and Erika yesterday and hope it won't be the last time.

Was v. interesting to hear a bit about your writing and of course I will keep an eye on your blog!

Besos, SC

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

I LOVED Ultimo Beso Tina. Thanks for the lead, and great meeting you. And Sally, I was so happy that you'd heard of my blog. I feel like that's every blogger's dream. We'll definitely see each other again. Peace, Blessings, Love, to both of you!