02 August 2008

Me Hizo Hacerlo La LLuvia :: The Rain Made Me Do It

I Love the Doors in Buenos Aires :: Me Encantan Las Puertas Porteñas Tanto
Possibly the Most Random Graffiti Stencil I've Seen All Week :: Posiblemente el Stencil Más al Azar que Ví Toda la Semana
One of the Best Meriendas We've Had Since We've Been Here :: Unos de los Mejores Meriendas que Tomamos Desde Nuestra Llegada a Buenos Aires
Before We Walked to the Café :: Antes de Andar al Café
Zoe, Looking Out the Window :: Zoe, Mirando por la Ventana
Stuck Indoors All Day :: Atascado Dentro Todo el Día
Father and Daughter :: Papá y Hija


stilllifeinbuenosaires said...

I like that you capture the melancholy of a rainy day, especially you and Zoe.

Do you think Zoe is the type that would enjoy being one of those giant herds of dog walker dogs?

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hola Mandy,

Yeah, we spent a lot of time looking through the window these past few days, but now that it's sunny I think we're gonna go for a walk and do some errands thank god.

In answer to your question, no, I think Zoe would probably have a heart attack being walked with all these other dogs. She's a typical only child: she wants to be the only one. I do think she's improved a lot since our move, and maybe someday, we should try out the paseador thing, just so we can laugh. But generally, Zoe is demure with other dogs and really excited about human attention. She's got a bad case of denial going on. I guess this is what happens from Erika talking to her all the time.