16 August 2008

One Sentence Entry About My Ringing Ears

Wine and cheese at Ann's place in Recoleta before taking a taxi to Kathmandu in Palermo where we ate a potato and eggplant curry and drank red wine, and then finally we went to Rumi's (my first boliche) where we payed an absurd $40 peso entry fee (per person, mind you) to dance to house music and seizure-causing strobes, surrounded by 19 year old kids dressed in their urban black sweatshirts and 3-inch heels and rich 40-something foreigners, grooving in corporate button-downs:


EM said...

Ha, I just came across your blog. That's so funny -- I just went to Rumi on Wednesday night and it wasn't until yesterday morning that my hearing returned to normal. The awesome thing (and by "awesome", I of course mean "terrible") about that place is that we paid $25 to get in with a free drink. And the free drink turned out to be soda, water, or a can of Bud. Awesome!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hi Em!

I know, right? It's weird how suddenly budweiser is a hip export in Argentina. It's like people who drink BPR ironically in Brooklyn I guess. Rumi was interesting. I was glad to do it once but I'll never spend that much money again just to help teenagers feel young and hot again. Instead, the next time I'll propose listening to my iPod and smoking a pack of lucky strikes while my friends stand around and watch.