26 August 2008

Skyline, Fútbol Graffiti and Tango

Today, as I walking from Bar Comet where I'd had an awesome merienda with Laura, my friend from Oberlin that I haven't seen in ten years (we soared through ten years of parallel lives in 90 condensed minutes if you can believe that), I saw the sky from Plaza de Mayo and it looked like this:Belgrano may be where River Plate Stadium is (one of the professional football teams in Buenos Aires), but one hoodlum saw class conflict in his tags, and I can't say I blame him. Boca (Juniors) for the Masses Comrades:
Here's the stadium where River Plate Plays. To be honest, it's a beautiful stadium in a nice safe neighborhood: in other words, everything a football stadium isn't.
Erika and I met Sally, Tina and Still Life in Buenos Aires at the Confitería Ideal where we watched old couples dancing to Tango on their lunchbreak. It was such a beautiful and controlled dance. We sat and watched in quiet loving awe.


stilllifeinbuenosaires said...

I look forward to seeing you both on the dance floor. :0)

Tina said...

Wait a minute here - Aren't you leaving someone out? Like... lil' ol' me?
I was at Ideal too - we sat together remember? in fact I see myself in one of your pictures, dancing... I'm so sad you've already forgotten me ;-)

Well, in any event I remember you and it was nice to meet you - hope to do it again! :-)

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...


In all fairness, you and M**** were both in the original, but then I remembered that she wants to preserve her anonymity and I erased both of your names. Sorry about that. And talk about dropping a guilt bomb in someone's blog. Remind me to twist the knife a little bit when it's YOUR turn. No, of course I remembered you. I liked you very much. We were both happy to finally meet you.

And Ms. SLIBA, that day will come after many lessons or when it's completely dark.