21 September 2008

The Japanese Garden :: El Jardin Japonés

(en) It's not the most beautiful Japanese Garden I've ever seen, but there was a simple beauty to it. The absence of cars honking in the streets, a cup of bitter Jasmine green tea, a red Japanese bridge and おみくじ (omikuji) gave us a moment of peaceful quiet in a city known for its energy. Not to mention noise.

(es) No es el jardin japonés más bello que nunca he visto, pero habia una belleza simple sobre el jardin japonés de Buenos Aires. La ausencia de los autos tocando las bocinas, un tasa amargo de té verde de Jazmín, una fuente japonesa roja y los おみくじ (omikuji) nos dio un momento silencioso en una ciudad bien reconocida por su energía, no mencionar por su ruido.

In The Beginning
Tickets to Sanity
Swarming Koi
Sort of Reminds Me of Riding the Subte During Rush Hour
A Perfect Three Seconds
Crossing to the Other Side
Not the Zenful Fountain It's Supposed to Be, but I Guess This Will Do
Another Serene Moment
Note the Construction Above Erika's Head
Little Wishes Tied Together. A Beautiful Japanese Tradition
The First Japanese Alarm Clock
Che, Pato. . .

Inside the Japanese Café

From The Outside Looking In

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Katie said...

I plan to visit the Japanese Gardens toward the end of my trip to Argentina (I'm leaving next Thursday, woohoo!). The last time I was in Buenos Aires, I went to the Botanical Garden which was rather nice and tranquil. It sounds like there's a similar feeling at this garden too. Thanks for sharing the photos.