15 September 2008

One Day On The Job In San Telmo (And Microcentro)

(en) Some of my friends seem perplexed when I tell them that I walk 60-80 blocks a day. This is the first of several photojournals showing part of a typical day for me on the job as an English Teacher.

(es) Algunos de mis amigos parecen perplejos cuando les cuento que normalmente camino un promedio de 60-80 cuadras por día durante mi horario de trabajo. Aquí está una de varias fotoentradas que muestra en parte un día típico como profe de inglés.

(fr) Quelqu'uns d'entre mes amis paraîssent perplexes quand je leur raconte que je marche un moyen de 60-80 rues chaque jour. Voici le premier de plusieurs fotojournals privés de mon blog montrant une partie typique du jour sur place pour moi en tant que prof d'anglais.When I got to my 12 o'clock class at Esmeralda, there was a small protest. But some people might call it a little music festival. I think I like the second definition personally.
Here is Café Tortoni where I stopped by for a Nice Chocolatado.
Walking up Calle Alsina
Some Graffiti on Calle México as I Walked Down Belacre
Portrait #1 at the Buenos Aires Culture Center
Portrait #2
The Green Doors Made Me Happy, and Late to my 10:00 Class
Warehouse on Calle Peru, One Block from the Accenture Office
Cornershot on Calle Chile On the Way Back
Another Beautiful Porteña Door
I Was Lost Here for A Second
You Can't Quite See It, But This Building Was Falling Apart and I Loved the Metaphoricity of it All
Kinda Trippy
Random Pretty As I Walked Towards Paseo Colon
Strolling Down Calle Lavalle
Crossing Avenida de Mayo
On the Way Back
From Nuñez to Microcentro
Walking Down Florida
Then Back Down Avenida de Mayo
Then Down Florida Again To Look For Yerba Mate Gourds
No Luck, So Onward
Back to Avenida de Mayo for the Third Time
Where My Tuesdays and Thursdays Begin: at Tribunales


stilllifeinbuenosaires said...

I'm dizzy just following all of your pictures. I have to give you kudos for immersing yourself in the city so wholeheartedly.

O, y es posible que vos ya adivinaste, pero soy "anonimo." Si, porque mi espanol es tan perfecto. Jaja, un chiste. Que grosero!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Jaja. Ya lo sé. ¡Qué grandote pelotudo!

Che, a proposito, ¿cuando nos vemos, los 2 parejas, para cenar al resto vegetariano juntos?

Anonymous said...

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JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hi Melissa,

I checked out the site you mentioned but right now it's still in beta mode--possibly to create intrigue and word-of-interest. I'll get back to you once it's live and running. Thanks for checking out some of my pics. And come back again sometime. Peace, Blessings.