27 September 2008

A Sunny Day at the Feria de Mataderos

It was a perfect and sunny day to go to the Feria de Mataderos so Anne Li, Fred, Anna, Erika and I hopped on a colectivo and made our way to the fair.
Inside the Colectivo
I Feel Like There Has to Be an Anne Proulx Short Story Named for this Picture
Hand-Painted Signs
In Case You Can't Read This, It Says: Nada Mas Bello en la Vida que Ser Justo, Saber Soñar, y Hacer de Cada Día Actos de Amor y Bondad, Which Translates into Nothing More Beautiful in Life than Being Fair, Knowing How to Dream and Performing Acts of Love and Kindness Each Day
Lamp Stand
This is Where We Ate Empanadas, Chorizos and Soufflé
Folklore Musician
In Case You Can't Hold It In
Guitars + Jewelry
Mate + Chorizo Sandwiches
Gourds and Strange Masks
Pensive Anna, Thinking of Nacho
Come to Me: I Am the Reason You Came Here. I am Parilla
Another Folk Musician
Homemade Cigars, Some of Them Called "Che's"
Gaucho Hats
Anne Li, Being Harrassed By a Sweet Man with No Teeth
A Random Gaucho, Kicking It With Some Friends
Buenos Aires Version of Cotton Candy, With Some Little Things Added In For Protein and Taste, Specifically: Dirt, Bugs, and Other Things That Kept Falling In the Magic Puff
So Many Stands, So Much Kitsch
Crazy Wooden Clown Toys
Without Dried Meat, I'm Not Sure I'd Know Where We Were
Spices + Grains
Homemade Wines
Did You Watch the Last Episode of CSI? Me Too . . .
Lots of People
Not Doing Anything
My Favorite Part: Watching People Dancing In the Street. This Dance Was Called the Gato
Lionel Richie Needs to Watch and Learn


tangocherie said...

Oh how we love the gaucho fair! We go every chance we get.We miss it during the summer when it's changed to Saturday night, and we're always dancing.

So nice to see your photos, and especially of the beautiful tanguera, Anne.

Saludos de Ruben y Cherie!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hi Tangocherie,

Thanks for the love. I'll be sure to pass it on to Anne.

Peace, Blessings to you both!