24 September 2008

Un Paseo Por Palermo :: A Walk Through Palermo

(es) La verdad, Palermo es demasiado grosso para poder reclamar todo la cultura que hay en este barrio enorme y no es necessario que se diga que él se debe dividir en partes individuales en vez de haber sido dado subsecciones or apodos. Sin embargo, le agradezco mucho a lo que nos brinda diariamente y creo que vale la pena dar un paseo por Palermo, aunque sólo fuera con el fin de apreciar qué dinámico que es.

(en) The truth is, Palermo es just too large to be able to claim all the culture in this huge neighborhood, and it goes without saying that it should probably be divided into individual parts instead of having been given subsections or nicknames. Even so, I'm grateful to how much it offers us every day and I believe that it's worth the energy to talk a walk through Palermo if only to appreciate how dyanamic it is.
Plaza Serrano
Al Ateneo Bookstore: The Raddest Bookstore in Buenos Aires!
Don't Look Up or You'll See Stars
I Have a Feeling the Escalator Goes Straight to Hell . . . Or At Least the Self-Help Section
First Mozart, Now PC For Dummies
I Guess There IS More than Borges . . .
The Stage, In Case You're Wondering, is the Café. How RAD is That?
Closer Look
The View From There
Random Pile of Rubble on Ave. Córdoba that is Anything but Random Here in BsAs
A Pink Bug in Front of the Barbie Store: So Gross it's Kinda Cool
La Parroquía Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe On Scalabrini Ortiz
The End of the Day


Katie said...

Very nice post! I really want to visit El Ateneo - it does look like a "rad" bookstore! I liked your final photo the most. I have a photo of that church as well, and I think it is just beautiful. The way the sun is setting among the trees in your shot is gorgeous. Just in case you didn't know, the church is called Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hey Katie!

Thanks for the info. I was wondering how I could figure out the name of that church and as if providentially you've helped me. Thanks. How are you doing? Peace, Blessings, --j2b

Katie said...


You're very welcome. I'm doing well although a little stressed. I'll be traveling to Argentina next week, and I'm bringing my cats along with me (they will make the big move ahead of me). I've been having to jump through a lot of hoops with them, and then I remembered that no one even looked at your paperwork when you brought your dog. For all the trouble it's been, someone better look at that Health Certificate! haha Take care.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...


I hope they take a look at your cats' health certificate for your sake because they definitely weren't interested in Zoe's and Erika and I were like, what? This is too easy. . . If you're lucky maybe it will be a pain in the ass!