24 October 2008

Ah, Palermo Soho

Once Again, More Random Stencils in Buenos Aires
Nothing Like a Perfect Mate in the Afternoon To Keep Your Shit Straight
I Like Palm Trees: They Help Me Remember Where I Am in Relation to the Equator
View from Where Erika and I Were Sipping Our Mate at Plaza Palermo Viejo
A Door in Palermo Hollywood
Anna E, Jon H. + Michelle K. in Three Separate Worlds
The World Through Water Glasses
Fred, Anne L. + François
Dinner at Lelé de Troya
The Stairs Leading to the Bathrooms + Nice Aerial Views
Like This One
I Love This: It Looks Like Anna E. Is Pouding Her Wine While Jon H. Is Hearing Voices Again
Erika and Anne L.
Me + Anne L.
Reciprocal Image
Reciprocal Image 2
Atardecer en el Parque
Notice the Clouds Reflected in the Window
Just Another Bar in Palermo Soho
Vidriera Mediante Mostacillas de Color
Café on El Salvador Where We Drank Submarinos and Watched Hipsters Working Overtime to Out-hip One Another
Erika, Radiant and Adorable at Café Violetas (Technically, in Almagro but Close Enough)
You Can See Practically See the Hamster Wheel Rolling Inside Her Head
El Bar Sacramento
There is Where Cars Come to Meditate


Katie said...

haha I love the last one! Glad you're getting out to enjoy the city and all its charms.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Thanks KT. Besos.