02 November 2008

Abré la Boca y Decí Ahhh :: Open La Boca and Say Ahhhhh

This is Where Our Day Really Began: Shot 1 of the Constitución Station
I'd Never Seen a Font with Eyes Before
This is NOT a Protest Against Primitivism
A Little Park
The Russian Orthodox Church
Guitarists Playing Gipsy Rags
Possibly the Snazziest Tango Pimp I'd Ever Seen, and He Was At Least 70 Years Old
Calle Defensa
For a Second I Really Thought THIS Was El Caminito. Then I Thought It was a Funhouse
Another Family Portrait
Something About Old Bridges
At the Muelle
If Benches Had Political Positions, I Would Say This One Was a Moderate
I Loved the Lamp
The Yellow Section Was Kinda Upsetting
Just Look Up
Retired Tango Dancer
The Last Thing We Saw Before Leaving
San Lorenzo Hinchas (Football Fans) Parading through La Boca
In Theory It Makes So Much
I Love this Slogan: Bread + Work
Shot 2 of the Constitución Station
Shot 3 of the Constitución Station
This Shit Only Happens in Argentina Man: As We Were Walking to the Subte, I Noticed a Group of People Looking Down From the Upper Level, Staring At What Was Going On Here. To Give You an Idea, Erika and I Walked Five Steps Before She Turned to Me and Said, Hey, You're Stepping in Blood. So I Turned Around and Noticed a Trail of Blood Leading to This Guy Surrounded by Police Officers. He was Sitting on the Ground, a Huge Gash on His Head, Talking to the Cops. Soccer Hoodlums? A Mugging? Who the Fuck Really Knows.


stilllifeinbuenosaires said...

Great pictures. Boca invites good ones. I know there's not much to do there, but I'd like to go back to take more photos.

Crazy story about the blood!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Thanks SLIBA. I was surprised that La Boca is literally one block long, but I´m happy to get some good pics out of it and now I never have to go back! When are we going to go out to eat again? Besos, --j2b