26 December 2008

Christmas in Buenos Aires

LB and I spent our first (and probably only) Christmas in Buenos Aires. At first, it was a little difficult for us. After all, it didn't feel like Christmas, at least not until Christmas morning: Christmas Eve was 90 degrees, for fuck's sake. People were shooting fireworks once the clock struck midnight. The streets were practically abandoned. Very few windows were adorned in Christmas lights, there were no snowmen, or kids running around with plastic sleds in their hands, and holiday jingles were a complete rarity here (except for in the supermarket). Maybe most sad of all, neither my family nor LB's was here, making us feel isolated in the Land of Barbecues. I guess what I'm saying is that at first, it felt foreign to be here, which, if you think about, is surely the very opposite of what Christmas is supposed to feel, which is warm and familiar, like something that comes out of the oven. Christmas Eve felt like the fourth of July, not the advent of Winter or the changing of the guard.

And yet, by the time we'd woke up (we slept in somehow), Christmas in Buenos Aires turned out to be calm, simple and beautiful. It was everything we needed. Sure, we missed our families terribly, but I think we also felt so much closer, like we were going through this moment of loss + joy, isolation + celebration, together. And that made us feel close + strong, something every couple needs to feel. So, Christmas in Buenos Aires was simple, calm and beautiful. Here are some of our blessings:

From This Angle It Looks Like alot of Presents
Point of View: Christmas Present
Before We Opened up Presents, We Decided to Raid Santa's Snack Cabinet and Drink Some Tea. In this Case, the Tea was Delicious Organic Black Tea, and the Cookies were Homemade, Using LB's Secret Recipe of Raspberry Preserves and Chocolate.
Giving Zoe the Sniff Test: Of the Three Bones Zoe Got for Christmas, She Decided on the Carrot One
My Necklace from LB
Making Me Feel Allpowerful . . .
A Wisdom of Tibet Calender My Mom Sent Me All the Way from Socal
Earrings I Bought for LB
Healthy, Fruit-Juice Flavored Lifesavers from Trader Joe's, Courtesy of Mom
Is It a Teardrop? A Giant Comma Made from Stone? No, Of Course Not, It's a Quartz Whale for Lighting Incense. Like Duh.
Paper Envelopes and a Sketchpad for LB's Artistic Side
If There's One Rule I've Learned in My Meager 34 Years, It's that . . .
Jewelry = Instant Kiss
What the Hell is in This Bag Anyway?
Sigh: A Beautiful Black Porcelain Mate
Opening a Card from My Mom
So Sweet and Loving
Family Portrait, at Least a Nuclear One
Zoe + LB
Posing in front of Our Makeshift Christmas Tree
LB with Her New Scarf and Braceleta
Some Dogs Think They're God's Gift to Humans . . .
So Beautiful
Zoe, amid All the Chaos
For Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs + Organic Pears and Plums
For Dinner, a Bottle of Local Chardonnay from Mendoza
And Homemade Pasta Salad, Vegetarian Stuffing and My World-Famous Chocolate Banana Bread.
Here We Have the World's Worst Gravy of all Time (Totally My Fault), LB's Veggie Meatloaf and my Vegetarian Paella (Yes, of course I included Saffron)
Here's a Closeup. Maybe You Can Even See Those Little Red Strands from Here
Finally, the Perfect Way to End the Day: Christening My New Porcelain Mate.


Devin said...

Jackson-thanks so much for sharing this.LB is so beautiful! Those pics came out great-I love the one with the both of you in it-And to think I was complaining when it was still 92 degrees here in PHX on Halloween! Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you both and your families!

stilllifeinbuenosaires said...

Hola! Llegamos en Santiago de Chile. Estamos casi muertos, pero llegamos. Hicimos nada excepto hablar con el dueno del departamento hoy y comer falafel, pero manana esperamos caminar un monton. Es algo diferente aca, pero no es mal. Es dificil entender todas las personas, obvio. :-P

Tu navidad me parecio muy linda. Me gusto las fotos de LB. Que bonita esa mujer. Guardala! El mate negro es muy, muy barbaro.

Pan de chocolate y banana es mi especialidad tambien. :-)

Les extrano. Cuidense, chicos.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...


Thanks, and the same to you and your novio. Besos.


Disfruten del momento en Santiago. Te extrañamos mucho, pero así es la vida: amar y perder. Nos vemos bastante pronto ojalá. Besos grandotes a vos.

tangocherie said...

I love your post. Merry Christmas!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Thanks tangocherie, I appreciate that. Have a happy new year. Besos.

Taos Turner said...

Hey man,
Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Near Year!
Hope it will be good to you both.
Take care,
PD. My wife loves the music on your site. Every time I open it, she says, "Oh, I like that music."

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...


Thanks so much. Igual. Tell your wife I say thanks. Erika and I are sending both of you many blessings of love + peace for 2009.--j2b

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you both light, love, and a Happy New Year! Luca & I had fun reading your XMas blog. We've begun really researching & reading an ebook from an expat there trying to save & get our to do lists going. Quick question for you... which airline did you fly down on & how the hec did you fly with your doggie. We have a 5yr old lhasa apso we are bringing with us & need details on how to do that. Any info would help a ton! Thanks really appreciate it.