20 December 2008

Christmas Shopping in Plaza Serrano + Wine, Water and Conversation in Belgrano

I went Christmas Shopping today for LB in and around Plaza Serrano, in Palermo Soho. The streets were buzzing with girls in short skirts doing last-minute shopping, couples holding hands, tons of vendors drinking mate and smoking, a thousand bottles of Quilmes + Brahma at virtually every single table outside in the square.

As for me, I was doing my thang. I really enjoy buying gifts for people. I do my best to think of them and channel their desires + energies, to try and match what they're feeling with what I'm looking at. When something feels really good, I just buy it if I can. Well, we'll see how good my channeling was after the 25th.

After bringing home gifts, and a bag full of tortilla español, peanut butter granola bars + pudin from Esquina de las flores, Erika and I ate snacks, drank mate and watched an episode of "Yakitate Japan" one of my fave anime series. It's dorky I know, but there's some great shit out there, some of it, very clever and postmodern.

Finally we took the Subte to Belgrano and walked to Don Bar, where we met some of our friends outside on the terrace, and LB and I ate Arroz con Mariscos (though the Peruvians do it better, I have to say), Shrimp Linguini, Calamari Rebozado + an exquisite hot brownie dessert that literally melted in your mouth. The conversation was fantastic, but our Friend Anna was moving back to Sweden soon, giving the night a lot of silent gravitas.
Here's one view from up there
Here's another . . .
God, what a beautiful tattoo. Whose arm is that, anyway? Oh, that's right, it's mine.
This is exactly how Erika felt after drinking 2 glasses of wine
As we were walking to the colectivo stop, we stopped and laughed at this sign. For those of you that haven't cracked open your Spanish textbook yet, it says: this is a new traffic light that we installed for you. Respect it, motherfucker. Okay, it didn't say motherfucker, but it might as well have. The reason this sign is funny is because:

1. Porteños don't respect anything that doesn't come in a baby stroller, least of all, a stop light
2. It's only because Porteños don't respect stop lights that they put this sign up in the first place
3. Even after putting this sign up, Porteños still won't respect it

We took a colectivo home, and I was amazed at how many people were still out at 3 in the morning, drinking and chatting. I saw couples sitting on stoops, too-mature-for-their-own-good teenagers standing in line at night clubs, whole groups of people hanging out at pizzerias, hiply-dressed 20 somethings hailing taxis to go to the next great thing. Today was hot and humid, loud and furious, and basically perfect in between.


Devin said...

Jackson-I take such delight in your blog-and the music-just incredible romantic and soothing to the soul! I am glad you have had a good day-it has been nice in the Phoenix area today-for me anyway-I think for 'native' Phoenicians it may be too cold-but I love the winter weather here-it is one of the things I live for! I hope you and yours are doing great and again I was so happy to see you had updated-now I will go to home page and listen to music.

JMD said...

Hola, this comment has nothing to do with this post but I just wanted to say I've spent the last four hours or so reading your blog and I'm really enjoying it. (80% of my job is surfing the Internet.) Looks like you're having a great time - ¡soy celoso! Hopefully I can save up some Benjamins and visit BsAs sometime in '09.

Keep up the good work and good luck with the next novel. I'll definitely be checking back.

Columbus, OH

P.S. Oh, and FWIW I found your blog through The Argentine Post.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Devin + JMD,

Gracias chicos. I hope to hear from both of you again sometime. Peace, Blessings.

The Pirate's Bride said...

Very nice blog. The music is beautiful too, the perfect music for a rainy Sunday.
I was reading this post while uploading mine lol and previous ones and I like all of them.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Pirate's Bride,

Thanks for the love. I want you to know that patches never looked so good as they do on you.

I'm glad you're digging the music too. I put some of my fave chill songs on my blog and it makes me really happy to know that other people like the music too. That actually means just as much to me as the blog itself.

Besos + Bendiciones

Devin said...

Hi again Jackson-no need to respond to this I know you are busy. I was just surfing the web and had a thought about how lost I feel when I am not with my bf. In many ways we do not even see each other that much and are not the best match. But I find that I miss him terribly if I think we will not ever see each other again. When I was thinking of him just now I had a realization that most caucasians-it seems to me-think of latin/hispanic people as overly lively-not given to introspection-etc. My bf disproves this -he is very quiet and has long silences-I love to watch him both when he sleeps and when he seems to be searching inside his soul for something. As I was thinking about him I thought of a book-I never read it but liked the title so much I will the next time I can find it at the library-I think it was by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and was called One Hundred Years of Solitude-just the title reminds me of bf so much. Best to you and your family-please forgive my late night meanderings!

The Pirate's Bride said...

Hahaha, muchas gracias. I'm happy to know that patches look good on me lol. Speaking of pirates, I was about to upload a new post on my blog cuz I've just heard that a Spanish galleon was found by some construction workers in Puerto Madero.
Aye, I love music and I'm always eager to hear something new to me.

Hugs and Feliz Fin de Año and a Happy 2009!!!!

The Pirate's Bride P-)