23 December 2008

Gol: Comer Orgánico en el Capital Federal :: Score: Eating Organic in BsAs

(es) Bueno, al aparecer, es posible comer vegetales orgánicos en el Capital Federal después de todo. Quizá, suena raro, pero la enfermedad del estómago que LB y yo teníamos la semana pasada, se convirtió en una bendición. Era sólo después de tener un dolor fuerte de cabeza, la nausea, retortijones en el estómago y una falta de energía, que decidimos volver a nuestra dieta antigua en Chicago (más ensaladas y verduras, no productos lácteos o carne claro, ni mucho azucar, y incluso entonces, la azucar negra). Por eso, por primera vez, intenté a averiguar si hubiera una verdulería orgánica, y resultó que hay un negocio que se llama El Rincón Orgánico, que vende (y entrega) alimentos orgánicos, por no mencionar las galletas, pan, mermelada, jugo, quinoa--¡todo, completamente orgánico! La semana pasada, hicimos un pedido para entregar al domicilio que finalmente llegó hoy. La caja incluyó:

Puerros, espinacas, tomates, tomates cherry, limones, cerezas, jugo de kiwi, jugo de uva, acelga, zanahorias, albahaca, perejil, manzanas, ciruelas, galletas, peras.

Fue un paraíso de nutrición. Tengo que confessar que la vista de tantos alimentos sabrosos y saludables en esta carnetopia, casi me hicieron llorar, ¡y justo a tiempo para la Navidad también!

(en) Well, apparently, it is possible to eat organic vegetables in Buenos Aires after all. Maybe it sounds weird, but the stomach flu that LB and I had last week has turned into a blessing. It was only after having a severe headache, nausea, stomach cramps, lack of energy (and other stuff I'm not going into) that we decided to return to our former diet in Chicago (more salads and vegetables, no dairy products, and of course no meat, not a lot of sugar, and even then, black sugar). Because of that, for the first time I tried to find out if there was an organic produce store here, and as it turned out, there's a place called El Rincón Orgánico that sells and delivers organic vegetables in the city, not to mention cookies, bread, jam, juice, quinoa--¡all of it, completely organic! The past week, we placed an order for home delivery that finally arrived today Inside the box there was:

Leeks, spinach, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, lemons, cherries, kiwi juice, grape juice, kale, carrots, basil, parsley, apples, plums, cookies, pears.

It was nutrition heaven. I have to admit that the sight of so much delicious and healthy food, particularly in this carnetopia, almost made me cray, and just in time for Christmas too!


Devin said...

Jackson -I really just stopped by to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a very very happy and joyous 2009-and to say again how much I love your blog. One thing I will add is about trying to eat organic food-I am in poor health and when I stopped eating so much of the processed junk that is here in the US I began to feel so much better-with my situation had I not changed my habits I might even be 'gone' by now! Best as always! ps I was going to try to say all this in espanol but can't get the words ordered right and don't want it to sound something like 'go eat my shoe':-)I have a lot to learn language wise also-I think the difference in dialects and the way the language sounds-both from the various countries from Mexico,Central America,south America and Spain etcetera are fascinating in themselves-if I remember right when a Spaniard says Valencia it sounds to the english ear like Valen-thia. I really wish that I had studied Spanish a lot harder when I took it as an electives course in school-I never knew I would be lucky enough to have a hispanic boyfriend.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...


Thanks for the X-mas wishes, I hope you and your b/f have an awesome one too!

And it's never to late to dive into a language, or eat healthy. I used to eat tons of meat, chainsmoke, sleep irregularly, but I had to change all that and now I feel better.

Good luck with your resolutions and enjoy the holidays.

Peace, Blessings.