29 December 2008

Voyage de rêve en Europe s'approche!

Notre trajet de rêve en Europe s'approche, et on met lentement les détails au point. En ce moment, je voudrais mettre l'accent sur le fait que c'est seulement un plan, mais quand même, il consiste des choses suivantes:

•On a déjà fait des réservations dans un hôtel (en fait, une auberge) à Paris, à Amsterdam, et à Genève (sans parler de Madrid et Bordeaux, qui sont à suivre)

•On a finalement achèté des billets d'avion pour le Maroc en Mai! Depuis mon adolescence, c'est un rêve de voyager à Casablanca et p'tête, Marrakesh

•Économiser l'argent pour que nous ayons assez pour manger au restaurant

•Très prochainement, on va achèter deux cartes d'abonnement d'Eurail

Il y a trois mois et demie qui reste jusqu'à ce que nous quittions Buenos Aires. Pour l'instant, l'essential, c'est de profiter de notre temps là dans cette ville énergique et ne pas considérer rien comme allant de soi. La vie est belle ici, juste come celle d'Europe occidental!


Devin said...

Jackson -if I am reading you right I hope you and LB have a wonderful time :-)
I hope these are halfway right and I am not telling you to leap off a building! L'excursion dure
combien de temps? -I am a very slow learner-best to you and yours as always!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Thanks Devin. We've still got 3 and a half months here, but it should be an amazing trip inshallah. Our trip will be for one month, and as long as you're learning, it doesn't matter what speed it happens at. Peace, Blessings.

Devin said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement Jackson-not only does being a slow learner hurt me with other languages but the fact that when (the few times anymore) I am around my bf-I ask him how to say phrases in Spanish-at some points he has almost got angry with me and said things like 'you are white-you are American-you don't need to learn Spanish-you need to help me to learn English' well I am sorry but the Spanish -French and Italian languages captivate me-my bf thinks being an American is such a great thing-if he only knew what I really thought of America sometimes! the economy is getting very bad here Jackson-I know I do not have many years left to live (i am going to try to make each year from here on out mean something!) but I so wish I could do what you are doing I would love to pack my bags and live in S.America-Even if I could do this I would miss my family too much-but sometimes I think America has the most meaningless, debased and senseless culture humanity has ever invented-I guess some people were born to be loyal Americans-I was born with the urge to travel and learn about other countries and their cultures-American culture and society interest me very little-that is why i am so glad there are wonderful blogs like yours to link to that are about life in other countries(and a lot of other things of course) I would love to find more people who blog about life in other countries-but I am a terrible internet searcher-Is it always this hot in Argentina this time of year? I know 'our' winter is actually your summer. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and I cant wait to hear more about the trip when you are able to post. I told my bf the last time we saw each other "Creo que hacemas buena pareja"-but that I was afraid we were becoming "Es un amigos nada mas"-dont know if i screwed this up:-) he didnt say much. Best to you and yours always-LB is very beautiful and I think very intelligent or should I say intelligente looking-I hope you both are a great match!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Thanks Devin, for all of your kind words. Maybe moving isn't an option, but you can always visit the world, one vacation at a time. I hope you're blessed with great health in 2009. Peace, Blessings.

Katie said...

It sounds like you'll be leaving Argentina soon after I arrive? In the meantime, enjoy your remaining time in BsAs and your trip to Europe! Happy New Year!

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...

Hi KT. Yeah, we have 3 and a half months. How quickly the time has flown by. Best of luck with the big move here. Besos.