10 December 2008

Working in Microcentro

All Dressed Up and Ready to Go to Work :: Bien Vestido y Listo para Marcharme
The Pink House (Not to Be Confused with a Brothel) :: La Casa Rosada, Non se Confuda con un Burdel
Oh, Look, Another Protest :: Che, Mirá, Otra Protesta
Well, Maybe I'll Just Take a Quick Look :: Bueno, A Lo Mejor, Echo un Vistazito
A Beautiful Corner :: Una Esquina Bella
See, You Can Recycle in BsAs :: Ya ves, Sí Se Puede Reciclar en Capital Federal
The Capital Building :: El Capital
A Common Sight in Microcentro: Minutemen :: Una Vista Communa: la Policía Antimotines de Guardia
The Argentine Flag :: La Bandera de la República Argentina
Now Let's Go Home and Do it All Over Again Tomorrow :: Ahora, Hagamos Regressar a la Casa y Volver a Hacerlo Todo Mañana


stilllifeinbuenosaires said...

It's funny--I used to get pumped up about protests when I saw them here.

Never noticed the minutemen!

Devin said...

Jackson, I absolutely love your place here! Best to you as always.
There are so many places in South America I would love to have seen-and am sad now that I probably won't get the chance to travel much again.

JACKSON BLISS @ 水と魂 said...


I know exactly what you mean. At first I was like, yo this is the REAL south America. And now I'm like, yup, this is South America all right. I just can't keep up with all the protests, but I secretly wish they'd all band together and give on gigantic protest twice a year.

The minutemen are almost always hanging out somewhere near Ave. de mayo, usually in Plaza de Mayo, Balcarce, or Ave. Mayo itself. I always feel vaguely threatened by them. I hope you're well. Are we going to see you before you leave? The answer better be yes! Besos.




Thanks a lot man. I really appreciate that. And you know what, though this is very new-agey, I have this feeling that if you really want to travel again in the future, you will. Life has a strange way of conspiring with us when we're dedicated enough to what we love the most. So dream big my friend.