12 January 2009

The Key Word is Projects! :: La Palabra Clave es Proyectos

Now that I'm done teaching English--thank god--I've been devoting my time to really enjoying my time in Buenos Aires. But because boredom sometimes replaces what used to be a flurry of activity, I've created some projects for the New Year until LB and I fly to Europe. So here we go.

1. Compose a LP. Actually, I just finished doing this last week with Garage Band and my beloved Macbook. It's sort of Electro-Pop. Imagine an orgy between Depeche Mode, Ladytron, Moby + a little bit of the National, and you've got "Songs of Love + Desperation," my first LP. Eventually, I'll post some of my songs in my musicplayer for your listening enjoyment.

2. Translation. Ironically, now that I'm not teaching, LB and I have been translating for Grecia, who works for WordIt, a respectable translation agency here in the federal capital. And I have to say, it pays so much better than teaching, and I can work in my underwear. Holla!

3. Shaps. One of my good friends from Oberlin College is coming to stay with us for a few weeks, this will definitely make time fly because Shaps is fun(ny) and interesting, we have great conversations about anything from music, girls, politics, new york, Judaism to travel and yes, college memories (e.g. like the time he threw an apple at a table of girls at Stevenson--I was so embarassed).

4. Work on 2, my second collection of short stories. I have about 2-3 stories to go before it will feel complete, and right now I'm working on this story about a hipster who falls in love with this Asian Princess name Misha Ming. One good thing about this collection is that I have one editor at Harper Collins who wants to read it once I'm done. The revisions themselves, will take months I'm sure.

5. Conjugate the day with LB. It's a blessing being here and I want us to take advantage of our life here for the simple reason that we will never be able to repeat this moment ever again. The city will be different, we'll be different, our reason for coming here next time will be different. We are living in a moment of temporal singularity, where the precise conditions of our existence here, as well as the intentions we carried with us, can never be replicated. To me, that means time is always sacred.

6. Meditation. Now that I'm done working, I finally do more yoga and meditate more. And that means I'll feel more grounded, and better equipped to deal with saying goodbye to one dream.

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Devin said...

Jackson-saw you had a new post up and had to come over here and say hi-I do so hope you put examples of music here! I love Depeche,Moby-synth-electro-pop Under #4 I so wish I could afford one of your books-writing has been a dream of mine-and I will never give up on it-but I am not very good at it-I wish you the best with this! For #5 I can understand that;-) and #6 -I need to do this-living here lately is rattling my nerves to no end-best to you and LB and your families as always-I very, very much enjoy Water and So(u)l:-)!