21 April 2009

From Paris to Amsterdam

There's something about trains I just love. Maybe it's the synchronicity of time passing and distance covered--something an airplane betrays, by transporting you around the globe while distorting the passing of time, not just with airplane speed, but with movies, artificial meal + sleep time. Maybe I'm just Old Skool with transit, or I think that music is the perfect companion to train rides, always linear, always building distance; movement is a train's natural state of inertia after all. Trains were made to move, just like our bodies.

I also like the interaction on trains. I always meets interesting people on board. This time, LB + I met an adorable Belgian couple. The wife kept flirting with him, waving her book in his face, pushing him with her feet, nudging him with her elbow. They'd kissed, laugh, hug eachother. They were exactly how I hope to be when I get older. Eventually, we had an interesting cross-conversation. I spoke to them in French; she spoke to LB + I in Spanish; he spoke to me in English.

--He's American, she said, in French.
--Tu le répètes, he'd say, smiling [you just said that].
--He's crazy about America, she said.
--Really? I asked.
--I've seen 40 states, he said in English.
--Really? LB said.
--Wow, I said, Americans haven't seen that many states, I lamented.

Anyway, from Gare du Nord, LB + I traveled up through Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam to Amsterdam, swimming between city + country in an effortless stream. Here are some pics from the beginning of the train ride to our first night in Amsterdam:

LB Was Making A Face at Me
Outside of Paris
The Modern Dutch Windmill
LB Sleeping
Passing Dutch Commuter Train
Not to Be Confused with a Space Launch Pad
Entering Amsterdam
Canals 1
Walking to the City Center
Canal 2
Street 1
Walking past the Muziktheater
Canal 3
Canal 4
When You're on a Serious Budget, the Maoz Salad Bar Does Magical Things for your Falafel
Tram 1
Rembrandtplein 2
Rembrandtplein 3
Street 2
Crazy Window Display near Rembrandtplein
Canals 4
This Building Was Actually Called The Orange Museum
When You're REALLY Comfortable with Your Metrosexuality
Street 3
I Thought This was Fascinating: It's Like an Instant Sausage, Sandwich + Dumpling Machine Where You Can Just Put a Euro in and Run off with Your Snack. If that Doesn't Appeal to You, You Can Just Go to the Counter Instead
Rembrandtplein 4
Street 4
The Insanely Steep Staircase of our Hotel off of Plankage Parklaan


Fernanda Ibañez said...

que hermosos trenes T.T

(ese comentario es muy argentino, sudamericano en realidad... lo que haría con trenes asi... volvería temprano a mi casa y sin stress!)

Smeltz said...


I can't wait to sift through some more of your Europe stuff. It looks like you and LB are having a kick-ass trip.

I just had to mention that I literally just posted about trains not two or three days ago! We are synchronized.

q disfruten todo todo del viaje!